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What will humans do when artificial intelligence and robots can do all labor surgery teaching better than humans?

Marine 8 Jan 25

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It just means mechanics for those robots will have jobs.


Oh, yes, just like computers would lead to a paperless society.......!


Stockton California is experimenting with a basic wage. They are giving residents $500 a month and looking to see how that helps people to survive.


Art. No AI will ever be able to be a human being examining the human condition. If they do make it to that point, then they're humans. They can be smarter than us, faster than us, more creative than us, but they can never be us without being us, if that makes sense.

could happen

@Marine But then they have to be human so they become us. A quandary Philip K Dick addressed far better than I can.


Because the robots will also program themselves? And innovate to meet changing conditions? I am not losing any sleep over this.....

Good neither am I


we could be wiped out if the ai starts trying to sort out a natural balance on earth or sees the lack of logic in a lot of people. ill be back

R2D2 might be reborn


There are two possible ways it can play out:

A. All the predictions come true (dispute them being so amazingly unlikely I don't even know why we think about them) and the last people employed are automation engineers like myself. In which case on my gravestone they will write "here lies the last man who had a job, he was managed his whole life, and never got to retire". My obituary will be my last timesheet.

B. The hype falls flat, like it always does, and things just keep moving along like they always do.

B is so much more likely. I am in this field and its awe-inspiring how much work it takes to automate anything. I do love the internet a lot, some days I put so much work into getting one tiny part of an automation system going and I go online and all these people are saying how great we are, and how soon basic income will come about because of it. Its nice having all this blind faith placed in oneself. Also, keeps me employed haha.

hat about intelligent robots that one day do the the automation engineering and we just tell them what to make!

@Marine then it will be my job to make those. You can't escape it. The industry has long ago passed this point btw. We often and routinely make software to make software to make software.


First, lets recognize that true AI is a ways off. Quite a ways. However the question you pose is valid even without AI. But lets take a look at the facts, as of today. We already grow and harvest way more food than we need to feed everyone on the planet. There are more houses empty and up for sale right now than there are homeless people. Look in your clothes closet; if you never bought another piece of clothing, how many decades would it be before you had worn everything out? Go by the car lots.. Think we have a shortage of vehicles?
My point is that the future you see is already here. This a clear and present issue. Right now. Today.
What do we do about it? Change fashions so you "won't be caught dead in bell bottoms" and have to go add more clothes to your closet. Which means you need a larger closet so you need a larger house, with 5 bathrooms. and of course the children need cars when they turn 16.

I agree that true AI is not here yet, nothing we have is close. But I wonder, once computers self program, as they see fit, how much faster the change will be, and will we even recognize it as intelligence?

@Rugglesby what I wonder about is goals. What goals will an AI machine have? In other words, how will it know what to do next? Just sit and wait for someone to ask for a recipe for cookies? Or will it be plotting ways to escape a fire,find a loose plug, or get a free oil change?

I believe you under estimate how far we have already come.Complex surgery is being done,cars driving themselves,space rovers on different planets, try going thru a car factory and what them being assembled or a watch factory. Progress is rapidly happening and like computers the achievements and complexity doubles or triples each time.


Have you seen that chess board from Star Trek? Think a lot will be hitting the Romulan ale. LOL

Have you seen the computer play chess in three dimensions and win in all of them?

@Marine Have not interesting.


Find new any interesting ways to think we're better than each other.

Like we always do.

I am still not sure we are and I am trying to make that determination.


I think your question should read "if", not "when" If it ever occurs, it will not be soon.

I believe the time is closer than you may believe. Maybe two or three generations.


Just disappear.

My time is coming soon I am afraid.


If robots took over all labor what would the owners of the robots do for profit. All their prospective customers would be jobless and destitute.

Just one of the many problems that will occur.


Some have proposed a basic living wage as a solution to the displacement that automation is sure to bring. I believe one of the Scandinavian countries is even trying it out as an experiment. Not sure what else could be done except to retrain for a job that resists automation.


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