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Ignore them, I say.

With only a handful of promoters and maybe a few thousand true believers, they may never go away but neither will their views have any significant impact on our society. 🙂


The visitor from New Zealand crossed many time zones. How does he/she explain that?


I just cannot understand how anyone could believe that the Earth is flat.
I just can't.

@Rick_T LOL Right

It's easy; not everyone has access to a rocket to see it for themselves and not everyone believes everything they read.

After all, the reason WE believe it is because we've been told or read, not because we've actually "seen" it or "experimented" for ourselves. And it' makes sense to us. It's reasonable to use. But some people don't find it reasonable even if they are told or have not or are unwilling to do the experiments.

@TheMiddleWay I've been in an airplane, and stood at the top of tall buildings. I've seen the curvature of the Earth. There are numerous pictures of the Earth taken from the Moon and space. To blatantly reject what IS common knowledge is unacceptable to me. I'm not going to give the flat-earthers a pass.


I didn't say we give them a pass.

I said it's easy to understand why someone who'd never ridden an airplane (about 18% of americans) or only seen pictures could be skeptical.

When my students come into my physics class, I don't give them a pass for holding onto their erroneous physics believes, but I do understand why they have them... otherwise I'd be a pretty ineffective teacher just saying "trust me, I'm a doctor" to get them to believe me. 😉


Wait so all the people working the conference are against the flat earters??


Let them have their fun. To each their own.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

I just can't. How did these people get to the places in their lives where this actually made sense?

Tell me how believing the earth is round has made your life better. Have you gotten a raise for that belief? Has your life been in danger and that belief saved it? I doubt it.

As such, holding onto that belief is of no consequence in 99% of peoples lives and you can live your live quite happily either believing that or never even having pondered the question in the first place.


I can't believe its gone this far. I can wrap my mind around (I said around) theism but I am completely perplexed about the Flat earth. I can tango with theist all day. I just wouldn't know where to start with these people. I really hope this dies down soon. Perhaps if I can just get Bigfoot to ride in on Nessy and deliver a Globe it might help.

If I was a scientist I would refuse to even address these people.

I can. Statistical fluctuations pretty much guarantee that there are going to always be outlier beliefs to any scientific theory, especially when that theory cannot be directly tested by people and is of zero consequence to normal peoples lives.

@TheMiddleWay What kills me is someone can build a model rocket and take pictures, or fly in a plane. There are many very simple things one can do to prove the earth is not flat. These people cherry pick the evidence like Chrisitans cherry pick the Bible. I actually think of them as one in the same.


Gathering evidence takes time and money that not everyone has. Consider that 18% of Americans have never flown in a plane and a model rocket can't achieve the height to see earths curvature (10 km) given that their record is about 2km high


The earth is not round.


BD66 Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Depends what you mean by 'round'. It's not spherical.


Even just 7 minutes of that was painful, I'd go insane if I was surrounded by that much derp.

We should put all these flat earthers on a rocket and shoot them into space so they can see the round earth with their own eyes. Then have that rocket keep going on a collision course towards the sun...


OMG! There is a New Zealander in that lot! Ekkkkkkk

Sacha Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

People came from all around the world.

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