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Instant messaging

Where can i check who is active/Ava for chat?
Are we forced to use the inbox?
Because I rather not use an inbox to chat, esp at a late hour.

Nichole765 7 Sep 21

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I think the actual issue here is the notification of new messages, which is not instant, whereas the actual private messaging system is instant. @Admin, could you have a look at this?


The green dot on the thumbnail picture of the member tells if they are online. If you sens a message they will get it in their email provided they have alerts turned on.


The inbox/pm is instant messaging. As far as checking who is online, try the member search sorted by last login.


I think if there’s a green dot on the persons profile pic that it means they are currently online. There are other chat apps like kik that can be used without giving up your personal info.

Yes, the green dot means you ar online. However, It doesn't mean you are at your phone/tablet/computer. Mine shows always active because I never log out.

@TheGreatShadow ah, I wondered about that.

Yeah I have Snapchat and Google Hangouts..

@Nichole765 I never really got the hang of Snapchat. I guess I haven’t tried that hard. Not many people I know use it. AFAIK.

@45garage yeah. It really only has one good benefit. The pics you send, they delete from the convo after 30 seconds. ?

@Nichole765 ah. I seem to remember that part. I’ll have to see if I remember my account and password. May have to test out a few snaps. ?

@45garage meet me there? ?

@Nichole765 ha! I’ll try.


Click on the "About" button at the top left of the page to find links to FAQ or the website tutorial.
Points are being given to level 3+ members who chat. You can see chat rooms on the group main page, but dunno if people use them very much.

Aren't chatrooms limited to people within that group? I'm thinking more of a IM/PM option to anyone

@Nichole765 Dunno. If anyone wants to talk to me privately, they message me


I think messaging is the only hope on here. I could be mistaken though.


I've wondered that also

Qiru Level 6 Sep 21, 2018
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