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So. To begin the main reason I love agnosticism is that it is no true definition of actual beliefs except the constant questioning of what is real.
But in all what In entails for me is this one question I want to ask.
What are your morals in your beliefs?
For me it’s honor and living a moral and just life without the need nor the want to please a higher being to get into a golden place.morals are based on what’s actually moral. Not society’s or religious ideas on it.
Ex. Woman have the right to choose abortion.
Sex is not taboo. And yes it is super special. But sex is sex. It doesn’t matter the amount of partners. It does not make you a bad or morally unjust to have the things you want in the bedroom. A 1 night stand is as good as 1 partner all your life.
But tangent aside. Let me know your feelings.

Ryan86 4 Jan 26

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Moral... a made up rule used to draw a line determining right and wrong. It's arbitrary, kids.

Absolutely. But without it then no matter what there is no point to a society. No point in existence. With it. At least the idea. And like I said. I’m as anti god as an atheist. But the idea for me is. Who fucking knows for sure. Nobody.if I live at least some moral life. I’m happy. And if there is some scientifically( beyond our current understanding) sort of afterlife. Then I’ve done my part. And if I’m not accepted. Then it’s nothing I want to be a part of.

@Ryan86 moral, ethical, and accepted rules of behavior are what make up a society. I was just saying that they're arbitrary. We decide what the rules are. Those rules then evolve along with our society


You are pretty much describing my views.
To me the the only true immoral action is to do harm (or allow one to be harmed due to being irresponsible).
Everything else is matter of personal choice and taste and has no moral implications, sex included.


I equate moral with, a sense of well-being. Helping others makes me feel good. Living according to good health and having a purpose eliminates despair.

Exactly. I spend my life doing things to help. Someone’s stopped on the side of the road and I have the abilitity I will stop and do what I can. Because it makes me happy to see the stress leaves someone’s face. The thank you is what gives me my moral high. And in all honestly. The only supernatural thing I believe in is karmaand pay it forward you do good it does good on others. And it eventually comes back around as I’ve seen so many times.
And as an agnostic. I don’t know what I believe in. I just want to learn and question. And if there is an after life. I’ve lived well. I’ve lived morally. If that’s not enough then I don’t want it.

@think-beyond Do you not also require a little hope even if it is only hope in yourself to continue to ask the necessary questions and find your answers?

@FrayedBear I have worked very hard, through all sorts of challenging times, at "creating your own reality."

@think-beyond I do not dispute that or your original statement. I merely opine that a smidgin of hope helps in the challenging times. 8)

@FrayedBear Hope implies "Things are not so good...Please fix it." This perpetuates the existing negative situation in which things are not so good. A trick to creating your own reality is to say, "Things are splendid. Thank you." When you can imagine the result you want as if it already exists, you most likely bring it about. One of my favorite songs is John Lennon's, "Imagine."

@think-beyond I've been beyond the imagine ... nothing eventuated, I've then forgotten that I imagined but later, a long way down the track, something has reignited the imagination resulting in my telling myself that "hope has not died" and that I was correct to hold out for what I want and not succumbed to second or third best. 😀 if I had I would not be enjoying this conversation with you.


I no longer catagorize sex as having anything to do with morality. The moral aspects of sex is a cultural and religious imposition on biology and instinct. I don't think its morally wrong to breathe, it is natural to all mammals, should we also question its morality?

I do realize that sex is more complicated with humans, the great apes that we are, but this is simply self imposed. Now I certianly do not plan on cheating on my wife but that is to honor her wishes and the expectations of others. Getting down to brass tacks, I do not feel guilty for being human and having sexual desires. It is very helpful for ensureing the survival of our species. Religion simply uses our natural instincts againt us to control us and make us more dependent on relgion. Nope, don't need to take part in that.


As far as possible, "do no harm" beyond that "go for it!"


Do as little harm as possible and try to stick with what is in our best interest as a species.

So in many areas is pretty subjective, but if you have agreement on what morality is then we can usually work out something resembling a moral code. For me, if something promotes or improves wellbeing, then it is probably moral - but it is difficult to promote my own wellbeing without someone else's suffering. hence the do as little harm as possible statement.


I think about things and try to do the right thing or form the best opinion based on the circumstance. I think it is much more moral than simply following what religious leaders say. I try to not harm, and not be mean for the sake of it. I don't steal and try to be honest, but not in a way just to hurt people.

Sex is a big one that I don't agree with the church on. I'm sex positive to put it like a millennial. Abortion, I kinda go both ways although safe ones should be available. I wish birth control would be separated from that debate because it prevents abortions and is a good thing.

I do see where sex became immoral in most religions. Many of the "morals" in religion came about as not doing things that would cause problems to you or society. Before birth control sex meant you got pregnant. Up until very recently it would have been inadvisable to have sex with different people without a committed spouse. Still not right the women were (are) shamed for it, and men praised. Also that women weren't expected or intended to get as much out of it as men..

MsAl Level 7 Jan 26, 2018

I don't follow any particular moral school of thought, but I do have some guiding principles. They are, In no particular order,

  • live and let live (so long as safe, sane, and consensual)
  • do as little harm as possible/reasonable
  • do good when possible/reasonable
  • be kind to others, especially to animals and children

[] (I agree with this. Hence, behave so you don't go to hell, is not very high on the stages of morality)


The caveat with any morality is that you do or cause no harm. After that most anything goes. (IMHO)


That sounds great Ryan... I like that too.


The ideas of morality will differ according to people's cultures, upbringing, sexual orientation, and genetics. For instance, I am demisexual, which means I have zero sexual attraction for any gender or person, unless I've been in a relationship with that person for over a year.
Then I'm only attracted to that one person.
I am so androgynous that it's difficult for me to even tell what my sexual orientation would be if I had one I could identify.


Morality is what is best for humans. With that as the measuring stick everything can be derived. And the results are superior to the morality religions teach.

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