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What made you smile this week?

My dog cannot walk very well anymore. He's old, his knees aren't doing so great to take him long distances. But, we had really nice weather last night. So, I was able to take him for a walk. I carried him two miles. I watched him sniff the air, ears all perked up. I know he lives for this sort of thing. He seemed really happy. Therefore, I was really happy.


What made you smile this week?

silvereyes 8 Jan 26

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My students.


Got a video of my granddaughter from my daughter in law. I can't hardly wait to be able to have a conversation with her... she's less then 2 years old.... my youngest Grandchild. Maddie Mae


This post about your beloved dog made me smile this week.


My best friend came to town this week. So we decided to have some fun. My son had an ortho surgery consult for a torn ACL today and we took β€œSteve” the blow up dude guy from the game called Who’s The Dude? with us. We took pictures of him all afternoon. We got a kick out of it, and it made my son laugh. πŸ™‚


Also doggie related, I had my old girl at he vet this week, she had a new lump, so far not good news on that one.
But he vet rang a few times, she didn't take the anesthetic well, they had to bag her to keep her breathing while under. The in recovery she just wouldn't wake, even after a few hours. So my son and I went there, when she heard our voices the tail wag started, she opened her eyes and looked at us. After a few minutes talking and patting she began to shuffle, so we removed her drop and the canula and she tried to get up. After a few minutes we managed to get her standing, and small steps. Walked her outside, she was vague, but trying hard. Sat her on the grass, my son stayed with her while I went and paid. Then she saw our car up on the road, that was it, she was going home and she dragged my son up to the car, sat next to it and waited fro me.


my dog! nothing like seeing that face when i arrive home from work

@evestrat yeah they have that gift to bring joy!


I had a few rather pleasant conversations this week, including a lengthy discussion with one person about our respective fiction writing which was a lot of fun and quite motivating. I had another discussion with someone about her passion for crafting and making jewelry, so that energy was likewise infectious. And I had fun with someone doing the Google Arts & Culture face-match thing. Additionally, one of my coworkers just gave notice of resignation and will be heading to a better job, so I'm happy for him (even though his departure will mean a bit of difficulty within the department).


About a dozen Facebook videos with puppies in them.

My son starting and completing a project. I knew he could do it, but often he seems afraid to try.


Nothing. I am a cold, emotionless being who only smiles when other people are suffering.


An anime which is just about the most beautiful thing I've ever watched.

@silvereyes Your Lie in April. Took me a few episodes to get into it, and I pretty much found myself liking it against my will, but I loved it.

@silvereyes Yup. It is quite unusual, but it's brilliantly done.

Wow, @JosephHarrison, that's an amazing review. I'll have to add it to my list ... and thank you.

@Lauren I'm not the most descriptive of people, I'll be honest. I'd be crap in IMDB.

@JosephHarrison Perhaps, but "just about the most beautiful thing I've ever watched" counts for a lot! Unless, of course, it was the first anime you'd watched. πŸ™‚

@Lauren Not the first, I've watched three back to back, and random episodes of others. Besides, I meant "Thing" in general, not just anime.


I went to wheel the garbage can out to the curb Monday morning for pick up and there was a Black Racer snake under it. We looked at each other for a few second then I told him/her to go over in the bushes and she/he would have the garbage can back by lunch time. She/he slithered off to where I was pointing. #smile

kirkz Level 5 Apr 24, 2018

An email from a friend who I thought didn't care about me. Turns out he thinks I'm cool, and I think he is, too.


My pup. The sun. My music -- I'm learning the Bach Magnificat for a performance in a month, and it's difficult but very rewarding as it comes together. The longer days -- spring WILL come!


I spent time with family that I haven't for about 6ish months or so. My brother, niece, grandparents, and mom.


πŸ™‚ almost every day she hops onto my hand to feed on the offered oats, & I recently noticed that she started tending to her second brood this season, tucking as many rolled oats as possible into her small beak before taking off. the first fledglings, both girls, she introduced to me, the birdbath & the food bowl. I hear the babies cheeping now for food behind my studio πŸ™‚


It was pretty nice and sunny outside today, picked up a couple of big ol' fat Ribeye's and cooked them on the grill.
First time I've used the grill since November I think.


Still waiting for that to happen.


My son is going on his first date... That both makes me smile AND makes me feel old...


I managed to get a very rare expensive fish for my fish tank and I got a Β£1330 rebate too.


Something everybody needs--5- & 7-year-olds with their own perception of life.


First, I'd say a dear friend. Nothing special, just because I can call her "friend". Then my cats, Spot and Pearl, always lift me to the point of smiles.


Oh there were a few things that made me smile. In no particular order (not an exhaustive list, either):

  • My biweekly paycheck was about $75 more than normal because the new tax law went into effect. So I decided to keep with my argument that taxation is theft and that if the government didn't steal so much money from people they would be able to contribute more to causes they support instead of having it spend on war, corporate welfare, and waste. Because I, myself, have Type 1 diabetes, I have decided to establish a recurring $75/mo. donation to JDRF. ([]

  • Yesterday morning, shortly after throwing open the blinds and sitting down with my second cup of morning Joe, three young deer took a leisurely stroll through my back yard. I live within the city limits, so this is far from an everyday occurrence.

  • Fujita The Cat is a constant source of joy. He often finds new and interesting ways to entertain me. Earlier this week, it was watching him trying to figure out how to get his water fountain to bubble. When the water level gets low, water will flow into the bowl from a reservoir, which is clear, making bubbles inside the reservoir to replace the water. He likes watching the bubbles and decided that he wanted it to bubble NOW!! So, trying to make that happen, Fujita tried pawing at the reservoir. No bubbles. He drank some of the water and tried again (yes, he's pretty smart!) Still no bubbles. Eventually he lost interest. But ... yesterday morning, when I went to feed him, I found his water fountain about two feet away from the wall, and there was water all over the floor. The little shit figured out that if he actually moves the fountain it will bubble. I don't know that he understands the reason it bubbles is because he's spilling water out of it when he does this (he might understand,) but he doesn't care about spilled water. He cares about the bubbles!! Just another case of Fujita The Cat doing something like this. Sometime I'll have to tell the story about the pile of clean litter in the kitchen when he was about 8 months old (the litter didn't start in the kitchen!)

  • Of course, one thing that always makes me smile is the end of the work day on Friday.




Perhaps you should get him a stroller or a baby carriage.


i feel for you both.

two old pups myself. they've spent their whole lives together. brothers, litter mates. like your pup, ringo and bandit's rabbit chasing days are over, but i can't help smiling when they do.


There's nothing so sweet than being with a special pet. It's never easy to part from them when they leave you. I'm still heartbroken from others that have passed.
My pets have always been the greatest joy.


My cat is passed out next to me, laying on his back with his paws in the air...but I had a much more superficial reason to smile this week: I picked up a F200 ESP LTD Guitar with ESP case....they forgot (or weren't gonna) to send the case, so I had to call the company...and it went smoothly...I was gearing up for a fight, but the problem got fixed quick and nicely. And every other business issue this week has been solved tout suite...

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