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Did you have any experience that makes you question your non beliefs?

Describe it.

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Pedrohbds 7 Sep 27

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Never. Science does not require belief only evidence, with it there is only what we as humans have learned and what if we survive will learn in the future.


I proud to be non-believer in my life


nope everything so far is either definable or in the hmm ok lets see category or...


I think I can literally say that in conversations with scores of atheists over the years I've heard one second-hand story about an atheist who converted. And it was not a re-conversion either, which fits my theory that lifelong atheists whose position is kind of a default rather than one that's fully considered and worked out, are far more vulnerable to it than deconverts.

It does of course happen. There's an atheist named Anthony Flew for example who in his dotage became a Deist. Fundamentalists love to crow about this, happily ignoring the fact that Flew did NOT convert to Christianity and as a philosopher of religion still held all sorts of beliefs about god that they would find ghastly. Frances Collins, an accomplished geneticist, DID convert to evangelical Christianity from his early academic life in which he described himself as an "obnoxious atheist". But his apologetic is standard-issue fundamentalist tropes that can convince no critical thinker. He is a living example of how someone can compartmentalize to the extent of affirming science in his field and being completely unscientific in his private beliefs.

Not talking about a conversion, but a moment of so overwhelming amazement, that you really tough about being something supernatural or spiritual, that could not be explained by natural laws. Even if after you could easily rationalize it or even found explanations.

@Pedrohbds I once experienced something I couldn't explain, so I didn't. The top potential explanation is entirely scientific though.

There are a lot of things that happen that we don't have enough data to make a definitive and satisfying determination about. A test of our commitment to rational, critical thinking is how we respond to these.


If there was such a experience, it was decades ago when I was a child and (like worthless information, has been pruned from my memory.


nothing to describe. it hasn't happened. i have been an atheist for 51 years. i am not holding my breath.



I can't say that it'll never happen. It just hasn't happened, yet

Gohan Level 7 Sep 27, 2018

My absence of understanding indicates nothing other that I do not yet have the necessary data.

Not about knowing, but more feeling, of course past the experience you can rationalize and eve discover that is a known phenomena and has an explanation, but on the time it was so overwhelming that makes you question, not to abandon.

@Pedrohbds Feelings are hormonal chemical reaction intended to preserve life, they are instinctive and irrational, relying on feelings as a guide is not a path to anything but self delusion.
Step back, calm down, objectively investigate and come to rational true conclusion.

@LenHazell53 yes I know. The question is not about knowing, or racionalization. I know spirituality and supernatural is bulshit, I know lack of information don't make it supernatural, I know our brain can be twisted to feel and have experiences that can surprise most of people.


I question things all the time. I probably, however, draw different conclusions than I might if I was a believer.

Deb57 Level 8 Sep 27, 2018

All my experiences cause me to confirm my belief.

oops, My non belief

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