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Expectations: to low? to high?

What are moderate expectations for your partner?
when are your expectations overbearing? under bearing?

Kodi 4 Jan 27

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I expect my partner to be himself, to be honest and forthright. I have no unreasonable expectations othat than, lets take this ride through life together, play it by ear and see where it goes. we create our expectations as we go. πŸ˜‰

Sadoi Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

i don't expect any more or less of my partner than i expect from myself. keeping in mind we are not all the same, so this really depends on what we are talking about.


A male will not become my partner unless he is reasonably intelligent, kind, and tolerant. As for expectations, I've leaned it is best to discuss these things and make sure both parties have a clear understanding. Communication, or lack thereof is the death of many relationships.


My expectations are and have always been for her to be who she is. And of course being honest is right up there.
But... In the last 5 years that I've been back in the dating game... I find it incredibly difficult to find anyone who can do just that. Both be themselves and/or be honest.
Needless to say... These past 5 years have been filled with deception.


I expect my partner to meet the needs of the relationship. And vice versa.

That’s true. @MrLizard


I go with the Flow. If pass the initial eye inspection, comes the smell, the voice analysis, body language, clothes style, flair, personality, compassion, is she a fake persona?... Whatever she is I can take, but must be Real... is she trainable to learn to dance? ...and if she is not, so what. Never been deal maker or breaker. I am not the greatest driver. Are we exchanging vibes in front of everyone? I am a hands full of contradictions and obsessions... can she handle me? ...the bed dealio. I am a romantic... if you can't stand romance because you never been adored before... I heard they are making toys but she won't be for me so I will step aside.


I expect my partners to be who they are. I accept them and all the things that make them who they are. If there's something I can't accept, We don't become partners.

Seconded. It has always worked for me.


Minimal requirement = breathing.
Essential is honesty, kindness, as real bonus is intelligence.

I add continent. Its just important to me.

@MrLizard that just means you get some additional exercise which is good. And I know that feeling,some days it seems I see the ladies room as much as my desk.

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