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QUESTION Lawsuit Says Pastor Told Women How to Masturbate During Pre-Marriage Classes – Friendly Atheist

On one end of the Christian sexuality spectrum, you have people advocating to snap your wrist with a rubber band every time you’re tempted to masturbate.
On the other, you have pastors like Robert Litzinger of California’s Church for Life, who recently stepped down from his position after it was alleged that he instructed young women to masturbate in preparation for marriage.
There’s just no middle ground with fundamentalists, is there…?
A mother of two has filed a lawsuit against former Church for Life pastor Robert Litzinger and his wife Cindy, alleging sexual battery, assault and harassment stemming from a slew of incidents, including teaching young women how to masturbate and orgasm in preparation for their husbands in pre-marriage classes.

Dougy 7 Jan 27

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What a cheek !! I suspect that the pastor is gaining some devious satisfaction by poking his nose into a subject in which he has no business to raise. I would be very suspicious of this character, I hope he has nothing to do with young children.


Clearly this was NOT about educating young women about their bodies. Guy sounds creepy to me but then I'da never been in his church.

I'm glad to hear that !


Obviously, another pervert trying to control women.


You didn't read the whole thing. This is about sexual assault, not sex ed. There is a huge difference.


OMG!! How amazing! When I was in the Army (way before Don't Ask Don't Tell) some lesbians let me know all women should masturbate so you know what feels good and then you can tell your partner how to please you. I have lesbians to thank for finding my sexuality.

We are more complicated and good info is important.


Everyone should know HOW to masturbate, lol.

No matter what kind of sexual contact you have, there needs to be clear consent.

Easy for a male to say this when you have something very obvious to play with 🙂

@psycheworks All the more reason a responsible approach (clearly the pastor in this article is off the res) for young women is a good idea. We are more complicated than the male of the species.

Lol. Just not going there.


Litzinger is also accused of assaulting Doe at his home — he “groped her breasts and genitals.” His wife Cindy insists that was just an “innocent mistake,” though I’m struggling trying to figure out how that even happens accidentally.
While we’re at it, check out the first few seconds of this video from one of Litzinger’s church services. The title points out it’s for “Kids Week,” but it opens with him bragging about sleeping with his wife. (The sound you hear is everyone cringing at once.)

Dougy Level 7 Jan 27, 2018
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