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Most people think religion is the root of the world’s problems, according to a recent international study.

Most people think religion is the root of the world’s problems, according to a recent international study.
What's the Primary Source of the Most Global Conflict Today ? What's "Your" Opinion ? Multiple Selection . See Also Full Article Here on Our Site Below :
"Tribal Divisions Created by Religion Most Harmful in Global Conflict Experts Say"

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Dougy 7 Jan 27

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It is my opinion that the troubles in the world are legion. With that being said, there are so many causes as to why we have problems in the world. I don't think I could blame religion for all of them. A good number, yes.
I think that the root of our problems in the world are based on being human. The tribalism and us vs. them mentality which sprang into existence thousands of centuries ago when humans were Paleolithic hunter/gatherers play a large part in our divisiveness which leads to problems.
Just my opinion.


Religious views result in Political Views . Resources & Economy are also related . Those who pursue power via for all of the above & even use Fake News to do so .

Dougy Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

Resources and distribution of wealth. Overpopulation in some areas. Pollution.


What "most people" are quick to blame is the "Other". "Religion is bad...but not my religion. Congress is bad...but not my representative."

An important reminder and well put. Important to recognize and admit that "most people" indicated in this observation does not equal "other people." Important to challenge this tendency close as well as far.


Wars are about resources. Resources are economic goods. Religion is number 2 for me.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 28, 2018

I think religion is about power, getting and keeping power. Ultimately those who have power also have money and want to keep both of those, and how better to get and keep those than using religion to keep the people controlled. I'm not cynical at all.


If people would learn to compromise instead of argue. The emotional progress could advance and then trusts could be established. Instead of working against each other the world could work together to solve problems and advance as a civilization. You know they saying Wish in one hand Crap in the other and see what one comes true.


Its religion. I love the song "Imagine" by John Lennon, just think of how peaceful the world would be without it. Its the core to most wars, that or oil. People are insane and its sad and pathetic they believe in this shit.


I say it is religion, political beliefs (at least in America because it leads up to this next one)... and the fact that people cannot or rather do not want to get along due to different opinions, aka they cannot or will not compromise.


Everything that start with "most people" reminds me that history shows that most people always been wrong. So I will leave it a that.


I voted other in the absence of 'All of the above'

Many conflicts stem from religion, many from tribalism or 'civilised' nations trying to impose their standards on the 'third world' so that they can rape their resources.


Religion is all based on fear, which in turn causes hate and violence. All for the quest to prove superiority over others


Most of violence is because of belief.


GREED, which is powered by FEAR, is a big one in tearing humanity apart. religion fuels fear, & on the other hand removes all responsibility from the individual, which is why agnostics & atheists are more compassionate - we don't have a god we can blame for atrocious behaviour towards others.


Religions separate people. I saw a study done that showed that kids brought up without religion have more compassion and empathy. It makes sense.

I had read that too . I read a lot of Patheos Non Religous Headlines .


I think religion believers are trhe problem, regardless of their particular belief, it shows they do not live with reality and so can't be part of the solutions we need.

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