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LINK Norfolk man, 101, has hilarious obituary -

How do you want your obituary to read? This one actually made me laugh.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 28

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What a great way to say your own goodbye.


.i used to read them regularly,but they only
recently included what the people
liked doing/which i can relate to.
The former style :family;church;
work;time of service


Now I gotta think of an entertaining obituary for me too!


Wasn't looking forward to the Mrs' birthday. Well of course not! Got her a dust pan one year and probably spent every year after that trying to figure out how to top such a sign of love and devotion!


That is too funny. Seems ol' Verne had quite a full, and rather pleasant life; good for him, we should all be so fortunate.

well said


I wonder was his humour part of the recipe for such a long life? Reading between the lines, he seems to have lived a very fulfilling life.

They grow them tough out in this part of the world. My great grandfather lived to be 99. The nursing home had a party for his birthday. He swore he was 100 and died the next day.

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