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My friend is trying to turn me into a Jehovah help!

Please help!

Ellathefeminist 3 Sep 29

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I would opt for something cooler, like a Thor. Jehovah is kind of an asshole...


if your friends a recent convert she may be trying to save the friendship if she is a long time witness i would doubt the strength of the friendship wordly people and jw re not usually close


Don't do it. Read the bible using the application of logic and critical thinking.


I was a JW for 15 years. I've tried very hard to believe in it. My conclusion is don't do it. It is wrong doctrinally in so many ways, wrong in its murderous interpretation about taking blood to stay alive and wrong in its cruel separation of 'apostates' from their families, workmates and friends. It is also wrong for taking up all your time and condemning you for using your own mind to determine right and wrong.


The first two responses were very polite so I won't spoil the trend with my own suggestion 🙂

Damnit! Why do people already say what I'm thinking about typing? I was gonna ask if they want the PC answer, or what I'd do...


If your friend brings up religion, act bored, don't pay attention to her, and leave.

If trapped, look distracted and bored. Say, "That's you, not me," then ignore her. Mumble "Um-hum..that's nice," to everything she says about religion, while glancing at your watch, then leave as soon as possible.

Keep this up..only look at her, smile, or notice her when she is speaking of neutral subjects. I've found that this technique works very quickly to train relatives and friends to avoid religious subjects, since nobody likes being ignored.

If her religion requires her to proselytize, hopefully, she'll stop coming around, and good riddance.


My advice is this--tell your friend (in firm tones) that you will not try to influence her religion and your friendship depends on her not trying to influence yours! Stand tall! If she's part of a very conservative JW group, she's being told to either bring you into the fold or break off contact with you. I'm sucks.


Just say no.

And your friend is not trying to turn you into "a Jehovah". They are trying to turn you into a "Jehova's Witness".

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