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What’s your “guilty pleasure” song?

I actually dislike the term “guilty pleasure”. If it makes you happy, then why feel guilty about it? But I saw this question on another forum, and it was a lot of laughs to see what songs people were either “ashamed” to admit that they really liked, or songs they really loved that you would never guess just by looking at them. For example, the lead singer of a black metal band here said that every time he heard “Please Don’t Go Girl” by New Kids on the Block, he has to stop what he’s doing and sing along.

My “guilty pleasure” song is Cameo’s Word Up. I can’t hear that song without hollering it from the top of my lungs, complete with hands waving in the air and all the dance moves. Plus, nobody can rock a red cod piece like Larry Blackmon.

What’s yours?

IndySent 7 Jan 28

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Been singing it since i saw it in the theaters lol

@evestrat loooooove that scene!


Ok, a bit of as different direction, and old , but "Red Red Wine "


So many. And I agree, no sense in feeling guilty. My oldest son and I know all the words to Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa. We belt it out in the car when it rolls up on shuffle. Cake by the Ocean is another.

@evestrat we all have regrets!

Both great songs!

@evestrat that's frightening.....


So many songs... I am going to toss "rock lobster" by the B-52's in the hat!

@evestrat very cool! I didn't realize they were still performing live


I really hate to admit this, but I love to hear Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla ice.

yeah its cool


It gets me every time!

balou Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

thats a good one!


I love this song. I heard it and liked it before I even knew that Gangsta's paradise existed


for the whole period


I still love Swing! Jazz, dance, swagger & great beats & melody! Almost as good as Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll! In this case it was Sex, Drugs & Swing!!!

If you feel guilty about enjoying anything from The Count then you got problems!

@d_day former Catholic

@btroje that explains it.


non specific

good one!

Stalker song

@DobbinPitch makes you wonder why its one of the most requested records at weddings

@magicwatch i know, right?! Ysy! I married my stalker!

Probably my favorite band : )


My guilty pleasure song would be Wannabe by Spice Girls.


Every time I hear that song I think to myself, "Well, I'm not as young as I used to be, but I'll surely give it a go!"


Oooh! That's a good one. The cover of it by Korn was really good, too.


remember you ask for it!

love it

@btroje i love the acoustics in Royal Albert Hall!


Sorry, meant to post this one, the other I sent to my sister!!!...


Well, tough to call it a "guilty pleasure" as I love about everything by this group, even after Lowell George passed, but...


Anything by REO Speedwagon. And that Nazareth song... Hair of the Dog.


The Kmart Muzak collection on at [] .

Very soothing while I work. It filters the blandly cheery nostalgia of my 1980s pre-punk-rock youth through a mournful Basinski "Disintegration Loops"-style wavering aural decay that I very much associate with my own aging.

Heavy bro


Nilsson, Somewhere Over was the Rainbow


El Paso, Marty Robbins

Great song, and also covered hundreds of times by the Grateful Dead.

OMG, I frick'n LOVE that song!



Mine is an ACTUAL guilty pleasure cuz I’m a feminist! Which is why I’m not posting the video for the song you CANNOT tell my daughter I love, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. I mean if you don’t watch it or really think about the words, it’s amazing musically.

Ditto! I totally get it!

I thought of that one too 🙂


You should see me singing that one in the car. Strange looks from State Troopers.


I like this song! Never saw the video before, though. 🙂 That's quite an outfit.


my ranking second favorite!

LOVE! Not the video but the song.


Anything by Freddie Mercury gets me singing. I sing despite my son, telling me as a toddler, to, "Please don't sing, mommy." Lol. But my guilty pleasure is song by the late, great, Joe Cocker called, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" for Kim Bassinger's dance in 9 1/2 weeks.

I'm no Kim Bassinger, and while I'm more likely to trip as I go through the doorway or slip on the floor while twirling, this song just moves me on every level. It is my guilty pleasure 🙂


Aqua I'm a Barby girl or shakera hips don't lie or maybe apple bottom jeans with he furs yet can't remember who sings it though.

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