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What's worse?

What is worse Physical abuse, emotional abuse, or verbal abuse?

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By Ravenwolfcasey7
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Depends on intensity.
Point is that huge physical abuse is visible and easy to prove, so it is easy to stop.
Emotional abuse can easily be hidden and difficult to prove, so difficult to stop, thus can be a lot more aggressive than the physical.
Any way I think physical is worse because it can instantly activate survival reactions that changes everything instantly.
Emotional abuse in general takes time to become severe, physical can be instantaneous.


Having suffered from both, I'd say emotional abuse is the most damaging.

kasmian Level 7 Oct 2, 2018

Exactly how I feel


Physical abuse. One end of its spectrum is death, and there's no coming back from that.


I would contend that verbal abuse is a form of emotional abuse, so we're really left with two options, right?

Which one is worse? Emotional abuse can leave scars that last a lifetime, ruin your ability to have healthy relationships, destroy a person's self- image, and could lead to self-harm or even suicide. It's a shitty thing. You've got to pull yourself out of it as best you can, and with time and perspective the lessons learned from the pain will make you a better, stronger person, if you can make it through to the other side. What do they say, "if you're going through Hell... keep going..."?

On the other hand, someone could bash you in the head with something and kill you.

I vote physical abuse.

Thar's what Winston Churchill says, anyway.

...I never carried the idea of physical abuse to a final conclusion as you did here! It occurred to me murder was the very worst abuse in it’s own right! Interesting!


The reason I voted for physical is that Physical Abuse contains Verbal and Emotional Abuse.

I experienced all three as a child, from an alcoholic father, and know that Physical made me afraid to be in his site line. When he came home from work, my heart would be nervous and I'd stay away the best I could. If it was a time for Verbal Abuse, which were a whole lot of insults, such as, "you are stupid, fat, a looser". Eventually I believed it all. Then Emotional Abuse is when he would be when he looked at me and pull of his belt at the same time, but not hit me then. I still shudder at the sight of mens leather belts.

To ask which is worse is not a question I can really answer, as all three result in lasting, regretful memories, which makes life harder to find joy. But it can be done ! Abuse should be against the law and those people should go to prison. They imprison people for smoking marijuana, but not hurting children in most cases, especially verbal abuse. Thank you for letting me rant & rage smile003.gif


I guess it depends on a case by case basis. Some people can take one or the other or both and kind of be more immune to it then others.


I voted for physical abuse.

Emotional abuse can certainly have long-term negative effects, sometimes worse than physical abuse, but it depends on the individual. Verbal abuse can be emotional abuse, also depending on the individual.

I chose physical abuse with the thought that what is worse may depend on our age, and since most of us are adults longer than we are children, as adults physical abuse is the worst. It is a violation of our political rights. As adults we have many more choices to avoid emotional abuse and what is considered abuse depends more on the receiver than the giver. Receiving verbal abuse as adults can cross the line into physical abuse, and also a violation of our rights, if our "space" is invaded or becomes threats.

sfvpool Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

I have to agree with the others, but to destroy one internally is damage that cannot be seen by others who may be able to help.

oldFloyd Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

Why did you leave out mental abuse?

xenoview Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

or sexual abuse is left out.

@sweetcharlotte so many ways to be hurt.?

@sweetcharlotte I did not put that in here because obviously that's the worse form of abuse..

I feel mental and emotional abuse are the same

I think mental and emotional abuse are two different things. I was physically, mentally, and emotional abused as a child by my stepdad.


"Would you rather have a nightmare about--"

I'd prefer not to have any nightmares, thank you.


All of the above.

"worse", not "bad". we all think these are shitty things to do.


I strongly dislike psychological abuse. I suspect my son is gaslighting me. I don't like like it.

Hellas Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

They all take a huge toll but I think emotional is the most insidious because it is so subtle that others miss it. It's hard to hide bruises and screaming but the emotional is easily missed.


None of the 3 are cool. But physical abuse... let's say ER visits aren't cheap.


All are bad, but no one directly died from emotional or verbal abuse

Jk1960 Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

Unless they kill them selves because of said emotional abuse. smile003.gif

@Kriptikos that is why I said directly. You are right but one does have time to get away

Emotional Abuse can cause people to self harm

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