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They should have been paid that amt several years ago.


Cost of living is outrageous, in Canada as well.


In Orlando, FL the wage would need to be $26.43 to be at a living wage. That is to pay for a car, insurance, fuel, tag. then an apartment (2 bedroom) and then food, taxes, clothes, etc. We need to either raise the wages or lower the cost. This in an economy that most people are working two jobs with no benefits and both spouses need two jobs. It can't go on the way it is.

BillF Level 7 Oct 2, 2018



He is also going to lobby for a nationwide minimum of $15. Republicans are going to hate that.

The dem's already ran that idea up the flagpole......all we heard was the moaning from the business community about how it would put them out of business - they would have to pass those costs on to their customers, etc etc ad nauseum. blechhh


He can afford it. Lets see what this does to the median salary at Amazon.

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