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A little second-hand advice for the fellas out there, looking to impress women.

Last February, I submitted a post about finger nails. One of's most famous and upstanding women alerted me to the fact that many women pay particular attention to how well a man maintains his finger nails (and toenails too). Based on several exchanges with this outstanding female, I implemented a new personal SOP (standard operating procedure) where every Saturday morning I inspect and trim both my finger and toe nails. Anyway, the advice is: don't forget you finger/toenails in your efforts to make yourselves more appealing to women.

Also, you improve your chances a woman will sleep with you if you have clean sheets on your bed - according to the local radio announcer. 🙂

PS - I usually think of her when I initiate my SOP. 😀

TheAstroChuck 8 Oct 8

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i, a woman, have some really important advice about how to impress women:

stop trying to impress women.

instead, be yourself, but examine yourself too; if you are doing stupid stuff, that's going to turn women off but more importantly it makes you a guy who does stupid stuff. that can't be good for you, either. clean sheets? you mean if you were not trying to impress a woman, you'd sleep in filth? what does that say about you?

instead, when you meet a woman, find out what THAT woman wants/likes... but not with the ulterior motive of getting her into bed. be a nice person and be nice to a nice person. once you get her into bed are you absolved of having to make her happy? really? if she likes you too, she may try to make YOU happy. it might not be just to get you into bed.


@TheAstroChuck definitely some men.


@TheAstroChuck ah youth. one's heart goes pitter-pat and one's motor skills melt away.


1 nice to hear that you paid attention...that is important in itself...

Grooming doesn't have to be excessive to show that you have pride in yourself...clean and neat...

I like it when a person takes time to make themselves as presentable as they can for shows they not only care for themselves but for me as well...a win-win situation

Clean sheets...well, no woman wants to sleep on another's wet spots...that is just rude...ha ha

Glad you are learning new things and having fun with it all...that is also a plus in your column to meet a deserving woman!

@TheAstroChuck Start by changing your self talk...we are never too old to learn and grow...if you stop, you have given up and will age more rapidly than your ineptness can easily be fixed unless other things that you have no control over...again, you took the time and put in the effort...pat yourself on the back for that...and may you continue on this road the rest of your life...eventually the road uphill will become a nice easy flat one and will be natural for you..good luck!


This is a subset of the larger issue self-pride. Fingernails, toenails, how you keep your hair. You may or may not be "stylish", but wear clean clothes. The lists goes on but it speaks to do you have self-pride? And do you care about other people in your life? Or have you given up, regardless of age? And whether someone is coming to your place or not: clean sheets, no dirty dishes in the sink, no dirty clothes anywhere other than a hamper.

OK, rant over.

@TheAstroChuck Perhaps one of the many reasons women typically like men 4-7 years older. Another rant of mine, since I am on a roll: If you are wearing hard shoes, say with a suit or pair of slacks, make sure they are polished especially on the toes where you think no one will notice. A giveaway if the person you are with is discerning.


I have little puppies and bunnies painted on mine.
Women like nice nails - check.
Women like puppies and bunnies - double check.

@TheAstroChuck Ya first I though they did, but now Im not so sure 🙂 I thought it would be like reeses...two great things coming together to make something better. Alas it appears to no be so...

I would definitely strike up a conversation with a guy who had that! I compliment other women on their nails all the time.


Fingernails are a big deal... they're also a tell in more ways than one.
Toenails, meh, yeah sure, but fingernails first.


I've also been told paying particular attention to their clitoris is a good thing as well.

Not when you first meet them! Do not, I repeat, do not, try to replace a handshake with clitoral stimulation!

@OpposingOpposum thank you for the advise. I think I may be narrowing down what I'm doing wrong ...

@Umbral p.s. "advice" (I'm unbearable, I know)

@OpposingOpposum no I'm terrible for not checking my text-to-speech.


Silk sheets may get a repeat performance,nice,but $$$$.

With as difficult as it is to get long lasting smooth sheets despite the thread count I say if you can find a quality set of silk sheets that won't fall apart they're worth every last cent regardless of what happens LOL

@Qualia Except my head slides off of the pillow cases. ☺

@Sticks48 They are slippery, yes ?

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