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What could be the psychological disorders that make some people naturally tend to always undermine the achievements and efforts of others?

Abdo92 4 Oct 9

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They read the Daily Fail.....


Narcissist personality disorder. An over inflated ego to hide the ridiculous amount of insecurities they have. They try to bring others down as to not steal their spotlight and to feel better about themselves.


Fear and insecurity.... doubts about one's own value and self worth.


Some people are just A/holes

You must be a psychiatrist

@CallMeDave hahaha almost


tourette of the ego lol


If you want to get medical. There’s ten personality disorders. Some deal with anxiety, isolation, etc. Narcissistic personality disorder is the only thing that would cause someone to undermine others to thier own benefit.

I thought that but they tend to completely disregard other people rather than underminding their achievements. In addition they are likely to use other people to enhance their own amplified view of self worth.

@Amisja This is the closest personality disorder that fits the OP question. We know the lengths the biggest, orangest narcissist has gone to undermine other people.

@Green_eyes Yes on second thoughts, I worked with a nurse who would balantly lie about her own achievements and do absolutely anything she could to 'drop others in it'. We used to call her 'datix' Helen (datix being the name of the incident form we had to complete) She was a complete sycophant when it came to senior staff (choosing her break to coincide with theirs) and very slowly managed to slide up the slippery pole to management. She was definitely a narcissist and actually when she came under scrutiny she immediately fell apart. She is no longer a nurse and only just managed to avoid being struck off. You might be correct (do you work in MH btw? )

@Amisja no, not mental health. I’ve worked as an open heart RN for 25 years. My psych training is long ago.


Insecurity and possibly jealousy thrown in too. Some people have really nasty personalities....don’t think I would class it as a psychological disorder though.


I tend to think it's just intense personal insecurity.


Is it a disorder or a strategy - concious or uncouncious - learnt or imposed - socially advantageous or a defence mechanism?. Can you describe the incidents more clearly?

He's a friend and I realized that he always tries to find the flaws of any achievement of our friends. Even when it comes to some great well known people who accomplished remarkable success, he would simply attribute that to being raised up in an environment that promotes the likelihood of approaching such fame or progress. I think he's doing that subconsciously without intentionally trying to get specific benefits.


Sounds like a defence mechanism.

These articles might help explain what's going on for your friend. .




Thnx 🙂

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