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Two part question here!

Favorite stories? (Book, movie, song? Any format as long as it's a story)

If you converted from theism, do you find your taste for some classic stories has changed?

Lydiaeli 6 Jan 30

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Storywise I really liked the movie 'Second Hand Lions'
I also liked the premise behind "The Matrix", something Phillip K Dick actually believed to be true.
Books: LOTR is still the most incredible work of fiction EVER, and anything by Robert Heinlein is a good read.

After Theism - I cringe when I see "The Ten Commandments" advertised on TV. and really hate those cheesy commercials for Christian trinkits.


The Princess Bride is my all time favorite story. I loved the book and the movie.


Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Had this when we were kids. The book we had was hard cover and it had a village of elves working this was one of the stories I remember.


Do I get double points for answering my own question first?

Love: Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry, Swing Kids (movie), Fuel by Ani DiFranco (song)

Change: yes! That's why I asked. I find so many classic stories have the WASP-Y values of saviour like self-sacrifice. Or cleanly defined good vs. Evil. I just read 'A Wrinkle in Time' and found I couldn''the ugly engage for the above reason.

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