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I believe this is true

Alphabeta 2 Jan 30

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I need someone to spell it out for me, since I'm told I'm blind to flirting. If someone asks me if I "come here often," I'm likely to sincerely explain that this my first time there, etc., then walk off.

My sister used to keep me in line, socially, covertly telling me if a boy was "handsome" since I couldn't tell that either. Luckily, in elementary school this wasn't an issue since boys typically sent their friends to ask my friends if I liked them or not.

Probably comes from my being an androgyne (mixed gender) demisexual (on the asexual spectrum; feels no lust except for one person at a time, and only after a prolonged courtship).

@AxeElf Dunno.
I could be XXY, or something like that, but, in accordance with Occam's Razor, the simplest explanation is that I was conceived only three months after my older brother's birth, so absorbed the male hormones still in the womb.

This occurs with animals, as well.




So if someone is doing something stupid across the aisle in the store from me. I should start choking myself in hopes it is contagious .


Yawns are the most contagious 'disease' known to science, followed closely by a child's laugh. They are the only ones that can be spread over an electronic signal.


I'm the kind who would just say..."hey, are you checking me out" heh heh No need for a secret handshake.


lol yep


So that is why the cop's are always yawning after I yawn.


Yes, I agree. I also believe that is true.

SamL Level 7 Jan 30, 2018
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