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Was your mom silly?

I loved my mom. She gave me packs of cigarettes when I was kid. Old come home form school and she would be singing. I came over to visit on time and she was singing, sky rockets in site, afternoon delite, oooooh oooooh afternoon delite..... I said mom, do you know what that song means? No .. lol. I never told her.... she was happy...

By BucketlistBob8
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My Mom always had the best jokes, and a sense of humor in the most difficult situations.

skado Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

Not silly per se. But growing up, our house was a grand central station for my friends and sibling's friends. They loved my mom. She was cool. Well, she still is in many ways and doesn't fit in with most people her age. Plus she looks 20 years younger.

I miss mine so much.... it's amazing how easy life passes us by and then they're gone...


Wow, you touched a nerve. My mom was sweet and kind. The elevator went to the top, it just didn't necessarily go quickly. It took a while for her to get jokes, especially if they were slightly off color. My dad's brother was so in love with her that he fell in love with her sister too, and married her. And they're still happily married 70 years later. Anyway, my mom gave all for her family. 6 kids and my dad was a brickmason, and frequently unemployed. His job was seasonal and he did not tone down his opinions. My mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in 1972, and passed on in November 1972. I was 14. As a woman you never get over losing your mama.

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