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How many have been defriended on Facebook over your atheist memes and opinions?

What meme put them over the top to defriend you?

MichaelSpinler 8 Oct 22

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Zero. I have an echo chamber on FB, intentionally, hence, friends. If I want to debate about belief vs non-belief there are other sites that afford that.

i mostly do now, due to my atheist responses and memes. lmao

Michael looking all innocent Lol


None, but I defriended several because their religious beliefs were so....whats the word I'm looking for......asinine that I couldn't stand constantly reading their post. Usually I disagree with their political views more than anything else but it seems the ignorant and racists seem the most religious.


I have.
They were rightie, christians who couldn't handle my liberal, anti-religious posts.


I have had several people unfriend me which is good. I reserve the right to make comments and perhaps it can help others see another way. Some close friends use the send to all button (the lazy way) and I get hit with a lot of junk, so I say something. If I share something I take the time to send the share to people I think would want to see the item. If others are offended by my comments let them unfriend me. If I unfriend someone (something I rarely do) I will let the person know why. To me this should be an interactive endeavor.

i feel free to comment on there post, and when its religious, or political , it gets some feelings hurt.


I've had to defriend family members because their religious views were appalling to me. A cousin of mine once invited me to Chick-Fil-A's event against gay marriage. That was ridiculous; had to let them go from my life.

Dylan Level 5 Oct 22, 2017

no doubt, how rude.


That triage happened a long time ago. I am sure it happened but if you don't want to be my FB friend it isn't any skin off my back.


Being a teacher I have to be careful what I post anyway, but I have had a couple posts that were pretty good, mostly political cartoons and things like that that may seem a little ambiguous unless you really examine it.


Oh let me count the ways! I post a LOT of atheist related posts or memes. Some are funny, some are on point and many of my friends don't even answer or like anything anymore because of it. Ask me if I care! lol

kool i was just checking to make sure you were doing it right, you pass. lmao


It has happened to me, but more so over my anti Orange Nazi Trump memes and posts. I did not unfriend people for years, but in this era,especially since many of us are suffering from PTSD since the election, I have unfriended Trump supporters. There is no reason for me to be subjected to their hate.

yeah i forgot about the trump crap, had a few killary supporters unfriend me over sanders too.


I can't say how many exactly, but I lost a few due to the Zombie Jesus posts at Easter. I also lost a few when I pointed out that John Lennon's "Imagine" was a good example of my constantly repeated theory that Peace can only be attained through worldwide atheism and humanism. For lack of a better term, I love to be an honest "Devil's Advocate" when people go on and on about how "Not putting God back in schools is making the world a horrible place"... most of them just Unfollow me when I piss them off and stay on my "friends" list. Some are actually open-minded enough to accept me for who I am. They actually write "thinking of you" or "sending positive vibes" instead of "praying for you," which I think is pretty awesome of them.


As far as I can tell, I'm been defriended three times. The first of those was definitely by a believer because of my non-belief and challenging his beliefs. The second was for posting things that friends of his didn't like, eg. making fun of Americans. I'm not sure about the third.


I have no idea. Whether or not a person likes my opinions is their problem.


I don't know if I have. Probably so.


I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, but I don't care enough to pay attention to anyone that would block me over my lack of belief.


Wasn't a meme, was a difference of opinion, but once he said everyone has to believe in god and I said hell no I don't have to, that is you forcing your belief on me and my children, he replied no its not how is it. This friend does not talk to me, or his wife which was a long time friend of mine, before he came into the scene.


I've lost count both ways. Unless I really know and/or like the person I'm very likely to unfriend anyone who posts anything that, say, ends with "can I get an Amen?" heh


A couple yes. One of them was a guy I knew who had put up his own post of a YouTube video showing a cruel father hitting his little son with a metal bar & saying how outrageous it was (& of course it was very wrong to hurt such a small child like that). I made no statement of my own in the comments underneath his post, I simply posted a reference to a Bible verse: Proverbs 13:24 & left it at that. - Obviously he looked it up & was very annoyed with me for referring him to his own holy book. Why? Because Proverbs 13:24 says:

"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them."

Whatever angle he took on what I'd posted I had the perfect answer. Either: The father was a disgraceful monster for hitting him with the bar - so I asked him if Proverbs 13:24 was bad advice too? He would then claim that his Bible did offer good advice so then I asked him why it was wrong of the father in the video to beat his little boy with the iron bar then? Whatever he said he was hoisted by his own petard! L.O.L! It ended with him un-friending me.

Well I was damned if I agreed with the bible & damned if I agreed with his outrage at what the father was doing & that the bible was indeed wrong! You just can't win in a situation like that can you?

Paul Level 5 Oct 22, 2017

your right, some times its fun just to watch them vibrate , when they are trapped by their own book. lmao well done.


Not only was I unfriended on FB, I was unfriended in life, and then cyber-bullied for 2 years. (before cyber-bullying was a "thing".) One morning I woke up to an email from the daughter in law of one of my "best" friends, saying, "There is a group of people amassing (sic) against you, and it is growing in number every day." My husband received an email from a "christian" couple advising him to leave me, before it was "too late". Can you believe that? LOL Best thing that ever happened to me, in hindsight. I had been hanging onto my "group" of old friends from my redneck, racist, bigoted hometown. This forced me to dig even deeper into what and why I felt and believed.

sorry you went through all that mess. and thanks for sharing . seams their actions do tend to have the reverse effect they were looking for. as example, moving to the bible belt, i didnt think much about being a non believer. after moving, and the assumed i am a christian nonsense, and what church do i go to? and the door knockers and alike. now i am an anti - theist.


I don’t think any. Most of my friends on FB are real life friends or real life friends of theirs that I haven’t actually met. That has resulted in a very liberal group, for the most part. I can’t say anything goes, but it can be amusing.

CS60 Level 7 Oct 29, 2017

Several cousins and second cousins have defriended me.
I think the one that did the most 'damage' was one that had a picture from a kid's bible of the animals loading onto the Ark. The quote attached was something like, "If you are ever feeling stupid, just remember that half the population thinks Kangaroos hopped 7000 miles from Australia to the Middle East to ride a boat built by a 500 year old farmer and then hopped back, carrying the bones of their dead so there was no trace of their passing."

Orly Level 5 Oct 24, 2017

i post that one all the time. its in my profile. lol


I haven't lost any of them but I did, at one time, have the Flying Spaghetti Monster as my religious belief and now I don't have anything in that category.

cmon dude, if its not true, how come the planets are shaped like meat balls?

The FSM likes that Earth is an oblate spheroid 🙂


Once but I never really considered him a friend although he considered me one. So I was okay with it.

SamL Level 7 Oct 22, 2017

Basically lost all my....Religious friends over a three year period of actually posting factual items that I suppose made them fearful. Once a lauded Christian to them, one to look up to and admire I certainly and with verbal violence became an outcast and as to their feelings....some sort of demon, yet I was the very same person, I just found a set of facts that over time and years of study learned were accurate and that is what changed my entire system set of belief vs actually listening, learning and saying out loud what was accurate, true and did not have to be taken on faith. Peace to everyone....


I have not been unfriended but many invitations came to attend religious study groups so that I can find the path of truth.

lmao, funny how the use the word truth, yet its always personal belief and nonsense.

Ooh no no.. Niche of Truth is a big organisation.

They preach these nonsense and they have wide fan following.



I don't think any either. Most of my FB friends are members of my artistic community or artist who have been introduced by other artist friends and without being dogmatic, I would dare to say most would have similar world views as do I.

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