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Not sure how it happened but Just landed in a Agnostic tutorial.

Learning how to format text .

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 1

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For those still looking for the tutorial...It's on the home page, next to your profile name. It's a button labelled "Tutorial". For me anyway.


Thanks! I saved the link to the page, and also copy/pasted the icon list.


I am laughing like hell...we take off like gang busters, trying to figure out how to work with this site and then suddenly, we end up back, where we should have started from...picking up basics again!!! We could be doing that indefinitely cause I still don't have a grip on this whole thing!


In the upper left corner of this page there is a "breadcrumb trail" beginning with underlined "Agnostic". Click that. See if that does it...

It's in the FAQ at the bottom of the on that, and scroll down to all the links to tutorials and icons

I gave serious inquiry to find that tutorial and nothing...but, I will keep looking!

@Freedompath, this is a screenshot:

@Dick_Martin got it...


happened to me once, havent been able to repeat it though


hmmm this should be formatted.

followed by an underline

I found it now I need to learn how to use it...


Please send link...I'm trying to figure it out to. 😉

Nena Level 6 Feb 1, 2018

I am not clear how or when it happened but I do know I had clicked FAQ at the very bottom of the page and had scrolled down through the page or two of FAQs. and suddenly the page changed layout and Bob's yer uncle, there it was.

bottom of the Agnostic page: FAQ. Then scroll to bottom of FAQs

@Dick_Martin Thanks!

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