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LINK The Care and Feeding of the Vagina

This is a crazy read from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Women and men are equal, equally crazy. ” One of the most notorious vaginal quackeries is Gwyneth Paltrow’s jade eggs. Yes, she wants you to stick a $66 rock up there. You can even “breathe passion” into your jade egg practice with Yoni Breathing to increase your life force energy. She says jade eggs are an ancient guarded secret of Chinese concubines. She says it will detox, improve your sex life, balance your menstrual cycle, and intensify feminine energy.”

JackPedigo 9 Oct 15

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I really hate the word "yoni", fucking hate it. It always sounds like shudders- some ack, I can't even, but I can hear the male voice behind that word. GAH

@maturin1919 ugh... I don't even know if I can get the word past my lips, although I greatly detest the amish for their poor animal husbandry methods, puppy mills etc. I won't even buy their fucking chicken.
Ah you're right in the middle of puppy mill world over there Kyle!

@maturin1919 ugh. They treat dogs like a cash crop. I hate them.

@maturin1919 one of our dobes is an "Amish" girl, from Ohio. That's another state known for them.

@maturin1919 Ossum!!!
? @"undercover brothers"! Phark their gay earth furniture too! ?


I wonder if my Ben Wah balls have any secret powers.

I will leave that one alone.

@maturin1919 don't knock Ben Wah balls they work. She also was an advocate of steaming the vagina. Lol! Caused a bit of a stir in the gynecological community.

@maturin1919 Glad we could entertain the group.


Like trump voters some people will believe anything.

Read the book "Bonk" and this will not seem so strange.

@JackPedigo Her book dispells myths and looks for facts. Never felt the need for a jade egg. Whatever trips a persons trigger and works for them.

@Gurahl I see no where that I choose to personally attack anyone in particular. I live in an area that is primarily gop, I am a registered republican but I refused to be a hypocrite, liar or publicly attack anyone who is handicapped, lost a son in war or anyone who has been abused. I have no clue what you watch and I do not care. The fact you seem to care what I choose to watch or drink sort of reinforces my concern about trump voters thinking it's their way or the highway.

@Gurahl Noticed when I replied I did not insult you. This, THIS is the issue. You insult me, point out the silly things or choices you feel dems/librals make ( just as many right wingers are forgoing vacines BTW). If you stand for racism, attacking women, name calling, telling rally attendees to punch people, lying, and cheating then please go away. I you can defend any of the list of things mention please do other wise please go away. Or better yet go get a jade egg and put it where the sun don't shine.


Fantastic, what a deal..all that for $66. lol. Except for the fact that Goop is being sued for making false claims.


What utter bollox


Well, that makes me feel all icky!

I agree.


I was in Phuket Thailand what some of those girls do with their vagina on stage would make most squirm. Had sees doves and razorblades, snakes and even smoking cigarettes, one would take a coke bottle filled with liquid then squirt the colored liquid across the stage.

I remember hearing that, during the Viet Nam war (they call it the American war) some prostitutes would put in razors to injure the American soldiers who came to them.


And it's Goop, so you know it's backed by real scientists! ?


I mean vaginas do need care and feeding. Just not steam douches and Jade eggs...

My late partner was from Iran and they felt very strong about bidets. She had a watering can next to the toilets. Once we went to a Iran family living in LA and she came to me all excited. There is a T unit one can put on the line to the tank. There is a hose at the joint and it leads to a hand-held unit for washing. When we went to Viet Nam and went on a small boat cruse, again, she got all excited about the toilet in the bath. It was one of those units that did everything, wash (you could set the temp, strength and even pulsating) and blow dry (again multiple settings). I once planned a post with a link to one of these units. They are nice to the point of sensuality.

@JackPedigo I have an after market bidet installed on my toilet (it's not all super fancy with a blow dryer, though). They are amazing for keeping all of the bits and bobs squeaky clean.

@Minta79 See my comment to Minta79


If she feels that works for her - great. What - me worry ?

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