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LINK FACT CHECK: Is This a Photograph of the Trump/Cruz Political Rally in Texas?

Short answer: nope. it's "a parade held in honor of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ winning the NBA Championship in 2016." according to snopes, this is the second time this pic has been used to "illustrate" a trump rally.


genessa 8 Oct 23

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Shocked, I am shocked by this! Well, okay, not so much.....


Trump even used false pics for his inauguration. Anyone aware of that fact should have known he was a skunk from day one and that he was likely to say anything.

he hired actors to cheer for him when he announced his candidacy, which is why he claims that dems are paying actors to protest his horrible policies. he thinks everyone is like him. but alas, most people, even good people who can't stand him, don't realize that he used false pictures for his inauguration, or hired those actors when he announced.


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