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Stalking an ex on Facebook?

After briefly dating someone and being ghosted by him, I tried to find the answers as to why. This led me to his new girlfriends facebook page. I never post anything or communicate in any form, but check out what she posts. I understand the other term for that is creeping a Facebook page. Is anyone else guilty of doing this?

Kojaksmom 8 Feb 3

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It's a long story of religious differences, lies and betrayal, but being recently divorced, something I never wanted to be, yes, I'm guilty of this too. We still have some business to take care of after which I think one, or both of us will decide to block the other.


Decades later, I've checked out the pages of a few to see how their lives turned out (hoping they went well and were happy, having really cared for each at one time). I see their aging selves, their wives and kids, and am genuinely glad for them. It's a one time thing, though.

A couple posted uber religious stuff on their pages. I feel like I might have dodged a bullet on those. (:

Zster Level 8 Feb 4, 2018

Once they are gone, it's a done deal in my book. I could care less and usually I am the one blocking their dumbass. I don't want them poking their nose where it doesn't belong.


I'm usually the one thats stalked because I'm cute

That's so true


It can get creepy.

Had worse though: I have been stalked by an entire family for over twenty years.

It is so easy to be stalked on Facebook. Even if your account is set to private, someone could tag you and it shows up if someone is doing detective work

I had a guy befriend me through a mutual friend, but he was using a fake name. It was someone I had known for almost thirty years. I did get blindsided, because I knew him as a complete coward before he did that.


Yes, guilty


Well.... I never looked back. trying to understand why they did what they did is giving them control again... i just thought what i had was real... theres an old saying about relationships. Dont ever let your guard down. If you teach her how to use her super powers ... she will end up using them on you.


Creep ghost lurk whatever. ...not my style nor do I post on Facebook walls any romantic reparte'.....I have posted on grandchildren or their parents Facebook gift notices events mutual interest stuff but I never call a woman a girlfriend and feel insulted if I am called a boy anything


It will be creepy if you are stalking her FB page just expecting that she too be ghosted.

I'm not sure why I do this.


It’s only human nature to be curious if you were never given one.

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