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If you could solve one world problems it would be…?

Blue_Moon 3 Oct 26

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Would definitely be global warming. Without our planet we have nothing.




Poverty, I think solving poverty would eliminate many of the world’s ills.


I would blow it up like a balloon, as we all know it is flat and that is not able to sustain our global idea. See how can one be global without a globe. Yeh , make the flat go away.

EMC2 Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

Pollution and over population .I say two because over population and pollution are one and the same


I try not to dwell on world problems. About all I can do is advocate for love, respect and optimism on an individual level and hope that all these world problems work themselves out. How many times has the implementation of one solution opened up different unforeseen problems?

Progress was originally a good idea but it has gone on for way too long.


The problem that I think poses the greatest threat to our species right now is the problem of evolutionary mismatch. We are evolved to be warring, tribalistic, overachievers, and even though those traits have arguably made us the most successful species on the planet, they are now the ones that are promising to take us out, and we are having a hard time finding the brakes. I currently spend all of my spare time working toward a solution to that one problem, even though I totally expect it is beyond our power to correct.

skado Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

Good question. People who have what they need's lack of concern for those who do not. That ought to help also solve a lot of the other problems.

Also, welcome to the website! 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

If we had world peace, all the military funding could go to infrastructure, ending poverty, and curing diseases.

gater Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Education - while all the problems listed by others are very important, I feel education is the only thing that will fix our problems.

Child abuse - educating the public of the signs, educating the victims that people do care, educating the abusers of why they do this.

Hunger - educating the world about alternative solutions like The Venus Project, educating society that we have technology that corporations hide from us behind patents, educating local people about self-sustainability as we combine 1930's experience with 2018 technologies.

Religion - educating yourself on the history/theology of your religion, studying others without bias, educating yourself on philosophy, logical reasoning, and how to ask questions.


Prejudice. I think that is a precursor to many other problems in society.


Make Trump go away

In 2 years from now, let's make that happen. In 2 weeks, let's get the ball rolling!


Child abuse, and that includes early indoctrination to any religion.

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