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QUESTION How to Know if a Nuclear Bomb Is Coming

This morning I heard on NPR that China is criticizing the tRump administration for escalating China's nuclear arsenal. It is an excuse to increase ours. After Obama went to so many successful efforts to reduce the nuclear armaments across the board here we are again with the same "Mad" ideology (for those of us old enough to remember this term). It is getting to be a scarier and scarier time and the more we squeeze this buffoon - and I use the term very lightly - the more he is willing to risk all. The religionists look at this with perverse glee.

JackPedigo 9 Feb 4

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A bright flash followed by a big boom?


Growing up in the nuclear age was frightening. Do you remember the "Duck and Cover" drills?

Not really. I don't think we ever did them (Catholic School).


I remember a Twilight Zone episode where the wealthy guy had an underground bomb shelter. The nukes dropped and he emerged to see the destruction. Eerie this would be. I think in reality about 100 years after the nukes fell you might have a chance, provided that there was transportation out of the blast radius. Not to mention that the original A bombs were 15 to 20 kilotons the H bomb is 250 kilotons plus, this would make the A bombs dropped in Japan like a molehill compared to the grand canyon.


I heard years ago that there is enough nuclear weapons on earth to destroy the earth 7 times over. So... I stopped caring a long time ago. And I will put the blame on science and not religion.

I put the blame on the ideology of fear. Do you know about "Ouroboros'? It is the snake that eats it's own tail. An apt description of the cycle of fear.


If the bombs start dropping, I don't see any chance of real preventable casualties.
My only hope is if the day does come, I'm at ground zero.
I don't want to deal with any kind of aftermath. I'd just as soon go out in the first wave.
I'd rather be vaporized than die slowly from radiation poisoning.

I've always said this myself


Darn - I thought the heading 'How to Know if a Nuclear Bomb Is Coming' was going to be a cartoon or joke. I'm not looking for serious today. It is sad we are 2 minutes til doomsday on the 'clock'.

I totally agree and always try to look for the silverlining (not otter but that may be good too).

A phrase I came up with when people see things like this is: They book a ticket to Egypt, in order to bury their heads in the sands of De Nial. I know not funny?!

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