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Alone or with friends?

For the life of Micky....going shopping is a pain unless I am alone.
Yesterday, two of my friends invited me to lunch. Great. After the meal, one suggested to shop at a very nice store near the restaurant. All the fun I had while eating / enjoying the company of my friends started to fade away as soon as we enter the store. Although I could have bought few things....I didn't and waiting until they finished was not easy.
BTW, the fact several kids were yelling, screaming and running amok didn't help either. No, I don't like multitudes.


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It depends where I am shopping. Lots of kids, forget it.

Recently I made a mother to feel like s...t by placing my hands on my ears when her three kids began to scream besides me. Since I noticed they were Spanish speaking I also said to her few words that make her to feel even worse than s...t.


I don't like shopping when I expect little kids to be around. Not that I do much shopping besides the grocery store and occasional clothing. I do shop Amazon. I don't like crowds or kids this time of year.

U don't like crowds / kid any time of the year....lack of manners bothers me 24 x 7.


I don't "shop" at brick and mortar stores anymore. If I go to one, I know what I want, get it, and leave. I will browse online, however, for best deals, in the privacy of home.


Sorry u had a bad time. I love shopping....Its what i do as often as i can. I am not a huge fan of people and their unruly screaming children but i just focus on my goal, finding deals! i usually shop alone because my friends criticize me for spending too much money. I am not trying to hear all that...

MY OP wasn't about having a bad time but presenting a side of my personality...a side my friends have questioned me about since my mood changes 180 degrees. I love long as I am alone.

@DUCHESSA so you are saying it was a wonderful shopping experience? Awesome!

@twshield LOL...I am saying it was not wonderful because I wasn't alone and because the kids around were ihorrendous.

@DUCHESSA yeah i got that, which was why i started my post with " sorry u had a bad time" lol i think it would be best i don't try to be nice to you anymore because i think you are a person who likes conflict and confusion 😉


So why didn't just bow out from That invite?

  1. Originally was only lunch 2) I was driving them

I don't like shopping much at all. I hate doing it even more with other people because you have to wait for them. When I shop, I know exactly what I want and I go and get it. My best friend is the worst. When I go with him I swear he takes hours browsing. Shopping for clothes with him, and anything else, is horrible.


I shop alone as well.


My ex would run her hands across every item in the store and take all day doing it and come home with a load of crap and empty the bank account doing it. It was comfort spending! I don't understand it. I go alone.


I can shop alone or with someone either way.
I just avoid it .


I am the 'get in and get out' type of shopper. Retail is not a tip toe through the tulips...hehe


I prefer shopping alone. I can go at my own pace, or not go into a store at all if I don't want to.

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