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Did you know the first banks were Synagogues and Churches!

driverjml 2 Feb 5

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And they still are my friend. James.

Leon Level 5 Feb 9, 2018

Yup, we have a synagogue in Detroit whose congregation moved and the building was given to Wayne State University...and this became a theater.


And they are still stealing from people.


Some countries were actually ruled by the Roman Catholic church.


I thought the Knights Templar started banking.


In many ancient cultures the center of the activity was the temple which also functioned as a marketplace. The citizens would gather to share news, buy and sell items, and that lead to banks and other government type activities being conducted there as well.


Sermon on the temple mount! The thought of Jesus running around whipping the crap out of money changers and overturning tables full of money always makes me laugh.


No I did not know that,but I read that the once powerful Knights Templars{1100 AD -1307AD} used a system equivalent to cheques for travellers going to the Middle East so that the travellers did not need to carry cash with them on their tripto avoid being robbed of their cash.


Tables have turned, and brood of lenders and the house of god have been synonymous long before christianity was a thing. Ain't no different now.
Also, looking into the history of the Hebrew people helps you understand the mindset of such situations.
They were pretty big players in the Medieval period, as well


That explains The Tithe...


Must be why churches can’t separate themselves from money.


I heard that was synagogues, mostly by eastern jews....since they could not own land


Errr... Okay.


I wonder why...LOL

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