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Does this resonate with your own belief?
Humanism is more an ethical process, not a dogma about the existence or otherwise of gods. But in general terms, it rejects the validity of transcendental justifications, such as a dependence on belief without reason, the supernatural, or texts of allegedly divine origin. It is therefore generally compatible with Atheism and Agnosticism, but does not require these, and can be compatible with some religions. To some extent, it supplements or supplants the role of religions, and can be considered in some ways as "equivalent" to a religion.

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 5

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No....I have no beliefs. Humanism generally is identical to Atheism. Humanism vaguely claimed is, as you posted, by several liberal religions Unitarian Universalists Ethical Culturists Religious Humanists some Reformed Judaism congregations women rabbis et cetera

No beliefs? That is hard to believe. If that is the case then why aren't you raping, pillaging, and looting? Do you pay attention to your food? Do you eat green ham? I find it tough to believe you have no beliefs.

@Dick_Martin that's what the xians say only Geebush beliefs prevent murder rape robbery. ...why the hell to I need to believe in doors when I walk in doors that exist. ...belief is a lazy word for sheep bleating back what preachers force their cults to bleat and snort

@Dick_Martin knowledge is knowing
....believing is faith without learning


The Humanist group, of which I am a member, has a lot to say on this subject. A article that appeared in a previous magazine is titled "When the Human in Humanism Isn’t Enough"



"Humanist" being a descriptive word would depend on how it is used. Agnostic/Athiest humanist will have a different meaning from a religiously-based association. So although the definition of humanism is compatible with religion it is not exclusive.

Betty Level 7 Feb 5, 2018

I have heard it said that believers can be humanists but I have never met one.


There is a reason for labels and very good uses too... I always been like my own non religion of one and just for me with my own believes or non believes. Following my own lead until I get lost and then I will blame no one but me. Ignorant to most. But as we decay into nothing... I may be the least disappointed of all.

One thing I have figured out is that there are way too many people in the world for me to be unique about anything. Its just a matter of me finding like-minded souls - they're out there, even if hidden.

@Dick_Martin With all due respect but did anyone ever mentioned you look like Fidel Castro? ...and what freaks me out is that in your other photo you look like his brother Raul. With all due Respect, mind you.


Most of that does. I don't necessarily agree that it's as "equivalent" to a religion if I'm understanding you correctly. Most religions tend to be anti-human.

Can we expand our definition of religion yo include Earth-based beliefs, Humanism, secularism, etc?

The way I read it was that it can be compatible with some religions. Unitarians and, to some extent, Quakers come to mind. Unitarians accept atheists into their "flock" and actually promote some of our ideals. I have been to a lot of their meetings and it always seemed strange to call this group 'Christian'.

@JackPedigo I know probably depends on the area, but I've attended Unitarians churches in two states not long after I deconverted, and they were way too woo for me.

@Dick_Martin Perhaps.
I think it will likely take quite a while to reframe the term that won't automatically take people's mind to faith in a supernatural being -- a particular system of faith and worship vs. a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.

Religion: "Middle English (originally in the sense ‘life under monastic vows)


I see religion as a belief system. It can be most anything; there is no requirement it be attuned to god(s). I have seen people who believe so strongly in their physical workouts and diet as to be religious fervor' there really is no other fitting term to describe it..

@VictoriaNotes, lol I love the phrase "way to woo" but have no idea what it means?

@Dick_Martin Oops, I meant to write "way too woo." 😀 I shall correct it now.



@VictoriaNotes The largest one in the country is in Dallas, not exactly a bastion of open mindedness. The ones in the Seattle are very open. However I will attach an article from the Humanist showing the connection between Unitarianism and the humanist group.

@JackPedigo Thanks for sharing, Jack.


"Evolutionary biologist (and 1996 Humanist of the Year) Richard Dawkins tells us that religion survives today because it has become a meme that exists as a belief all by itself; it cannot be extinguished because memes evolve to absorb their critics. Humanism has not yet reached the level of a meme. It will take a unified effort just to carry the philosophy to the next generation."

@VictoriaNotes But it will be fighting headwinds the whole time. One could say the same thing about the religious meme and the humanism one is the one they are trying extinguish.
I also believe meme, at least the ones we are talking about, is a human construct. We have to survive for memes to be around. I think one of the big attractions to the religious meme is the 'me' and 'mine' idea. People have to be in a comfortable position to advance beyond that (Maslow). As more of us lose out so does the 'us' and 'we' meme of humanism. We are seeing this today more than ever (please tell me I am wrong).

Thanks for your input. I love these kinds of discussions, they really make me think and grow.

@JackPedigo I posted an article this morning (which is available in my profile) but hasn't been curated by moderators so it's not in the feed yet. A study was done showing that there are many people who want to leave religion but haven't yet and they are experiencing depression and hopelessness. While it's possible that it will take a while for humanism to be in the mainstream, it's also possible that it won't take as long as the author of the article assumes.

@VictoriaNotes I just came across something for all of us. It's what we need more of.


I think it's fully compatible with my world view. I don't accept the claims for God or gods, and I consider humanism to be a reason-based approach to ethics without any appeal to mysticism or authority.


I consider myself a secular humanist.


I use humanist in my description, but do not accept the whole of the concept. I use it because I think the human species is indeed something special in our world and is worth supporting in spite of its shortcomings. I think perhaps I shall drop it from the list.

Deop what from what list? I am interested in hearing more about your position?

@Dick_Martin -- the list of descriptive labels I use for myself.

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