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Not meaning to whine here (okay, I'll indulge...whine, whine, whine), but I'm going on WEEK 3 of being laid out by this flu/pneumonia thing! I fear being hospitalized. I had to make an emergency visit to my doc yesterday (sent by a diff doc I saw) and was given a breathing treatment, EEG, and they drew blood (results today). My internist is VERY concerned; I'm getting a tad worried myself.

BookDeath 8 Feb 6

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Mercy, @BookDeath, I don't think it's whining when you're bad enough to require breathing treatments. If you aren't seeing an improvement in symptoms after the new treatment yesterday, you need to go back to the doctor. Be well soon!


The flu can be tough, it is not just a cold. Best of luck!


worry will only hurt you and never helps anyone. the best thing you can do is be positive. the fact your not in hospital says a lot I think.


Ssshhhh. (Don't tell anyone I'm here, or let anyone near me). That's about the only way to either prevent getting, or giving that miserable ailment. I try to severely limit my exposure to the public when these things go around. Sorry you're having to deal with that. I hope you recover soon.


Sorry to hear you're unwell but at least you're getting laid?

Getting LAID? EEEEK! I'm ACE and ARO, lol, so THAT's not happening, lol.

OK, I'm obviously out of the loop here, guess it's to be expected for an old fart, but what is ACE & ARO? Not new STD's are they???

@BookDeath it was an attempt at humor since you said you were laid out. I have failed you, I am sorry.

@phxbillcee Ace=asexual and aro=aromantic. I place myself firmly within the the LGBTQ spectrum though, since previous relationships have always been with same-sex partners.I'm also non-binary, just to further queer things up! 😉

@BookDeath I am SO Old School! There is no way I will ever keep up, nor do I think I want to except on a personal level with friends/lovers. Every person can be "niched" for their personal kinks & foibles, we all have them, but for myself, I'm content with hetero male. I'll worry about the minutiae each time I'm "with" someone. Learn about a partner a bit more each time & go from there. But, like I said, I'm Old School, not necessarily vanilla, but not gonna let things get too complicated.


So sorry you're dealing with so much. Hope you get to feeling better soon!


I'm so sorry that you have had serious complications with the flu. I haven't had the flu since 1985, but I am being extra cautious this flu season. Thanks for letting us know, and keep us updated if you feel up to it.


Rest and do what the doctor wants. I know from past experience that it can take 6 months or more to recover if you let this get worse.


Most minor infections follow a nine day cycle of onset, full infection then recovery. If at day six there's no cessation of symptoms, it could be an indication that your immune system is not coping. I've had pneumonia four times during the course of my childhood and adolescence and not once was I able to shake it off without the assistance of antibiotics. That you waited this long is testament to your personal tolerance for suffering. I hope your recovery is swift and complete.


I hope you get better soon. It's a nasty strain. I've been...not worried, but concerned...about the flu; I've read how it's very contagious and fatal in more cases than usual. I am in a high-risk group, and there's a very good chance that I would be a fatality if I got sick.

Good luck to you. Let us know when you're over it.

marga Level 7 Feb 6, 2018

I think 3 weeks is much to long for the flu to last but I do not know about pneumonia. I wish you well and a speedy recovery back to normal health.


Hydration and rest, food, maybe something to make you feel better. Virginia probably doesn’t have legal weed, maybe NyQuil would help.

NyQuil helps everything. Its that Q. THere is the option of 52 clove garlic soup. I think it was developed by witches but it has helped me

Hot toddies!


I am reading a lot of posts of people going into hospital with pneumonia or just coughing for weeks nearly a month.I hope you kick this.

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