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More fuckers...


Great, a parade of bearded, pot-bellied camotards with automatic weapons. How embarrassing.


I can remember seeing ads in the back of magazines 20-30 years ago... "Become a Colonel in your local militia!" I didn't really pay attention but I see who and what they are now.

Perhaps the Army will shoot the militia...


There are already self-appointed, gun-toting, camo-wearing assholes who live down along the border that regularly get together and patrol. The Border Patrol doesn't like them there doing that.


And, the ugliness starts at the top with the moral imbecile Trump.


I hope the military protects the refugees from the militia and makes certain every last refuge is allowed to fill out the proper paper work to request political asylum in the United States.
If that happened maybe Trump will have a heart attack....BONUS!
They won't even get here for well over a month.
This is the kind of heart breaking bullshit that should have every American up at arms against Trump policies.


Really ugly. If the military planners are smart about this, they'll stop these militia groups before they get anywhere near the border. I guess it depends on how blindly the military follows Trump, because I can easily see Trump ordering the military to let the militia groups in on the activities.

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