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I found God in the Woods and it where I go as often as I can to just let my mind roam and meander with nature. Its a feeling that when your by yourself you feel and hear something different every trip.

Nevermind345 7 Feb 6

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What did god look like?

The Hawk, Owl, Turtle, Fawn, Buck, Rabbit, Coyote, Spider-who is the real secret, Fox, Weasel, Beaver and Muscat will let you know when you have found them all. But you have to find them all. It took me many years and long walks, but each and every one of them came into my life at a time and place that I never anticipated.


There is a new diagnosis for troubled urbanites. Nature deficit disorder. Now I know the knee jerk sceptics will laugh or smirk, but anyone who has hugged a tree or lost themselves in the whist of an early morning breeze will attest to the validity of this theory. That many issues plaguing the city can be traced to the disconnect from nature. hence we now have green space, prairie restoration, bee hives on roof tops etc. The cruelty inner city children show towards animals is also evidence by this phenomenon. If god is any where it is in nature.


I work on a beach and I feel the same way at night when everyone is gone. It's so peaceful and numinous.

Silence is the key to walking in the woods. Its only then will you hear and see everyone who see's you and calls out in their own way that you realize how close you have never been.

@Nevermind345 you know it's funny. I find nature anything but silent. I love the crash of the waves,the crickets and night bird calls, wind in the trees and grass etc.


The ancient greeks who invented reason never used it to predict the future. They listened to the wind.

The Native Americans were also big on that form of meditation. Connect the dots and you will find of trail based in Hindu, Zen and a host of Spiritualists who helped it along.


I go naked by myself in the bush. Is an awesome experience feeling free connecting with nature. Is not a religious experience but an affirmation that we are mere animals.

Its the way you were born as well as all of natures animals who if they wore clothes and makeup we would never really be able to identify with real beauty.

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