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Just booked St. Augustine vacation for Easter! Can’t wait for the warm waters. I love California beaches, but the waters are too cold for me.

Breathe 4 Feb 7

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Great Place! Did that a few years ago. Rented a house on he ocean for a week. But I'll tell you, the Atlantic side of Florida ain't the same as the Gulf side. I hope you have better weather than we did ( Late Jan)

twill Level 7 Feb 7, 2018

Any recommendations on where to stay? Looking for a nice place, right by the beach that won’t break my budget.

I can check with my daughters, they live in Jacksonville.

Talked to my elder daughter... she mentioned staying anywhere in Fort George street... that is where everything happens.

Thank you so much!!!! @GipsyOfNewSpain You are the best. ????

@Breathe The best? Better than the rest! He, he, he. Within our limitations that is what friends should be about when we can.


Congratulations on your future vacation and welcome to our little place and may you find joy, friendship and much more in our small world. Just be yourself.

Hey! Thank you. I am loving that Afro pic on your profile. I see you like music. I’m teaching myself the guitar. Here is me in a Las Vegas layover. I played Orange is the New Black Slot machines. Lol

@Breathe My sister love that show and I will check with my daughters... st augustine is the oldest city maybe in the whole continent. Worth visiting. And thank you I love to show to the world that I always been in the front end of madness since young. I didn't just arrived. Welcome to our little site. I love music and do by computers... and learn that instrument. Do not give up.

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