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For those who don't care I apologise for the post, however, I would like to thank many of you for the kind and loving words in regards to a blossoming relationship that I have entered with a fellow Agnostic. Thank you for the words of encouragement and of hope, it is much appreciated. I would also like to thank those who have respected my privacy and quiet nature, I know I'm not the most prolific of writers or posters on the forum but I like to think of many of you as my friends. I'll still be around here for my friends and always look forward to your posts and will continue to enjoy being part of this fantastic community. Keep rocking and keep the positive messages coming we both love hearing from you and sharing them with each other.

Dav87 6 Feb 7

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I missed this. Congrats! πŸ™‚

Yes! I was the first one to come out because I felt so appreciative to have actually met and Literally opted to do something i would have considered insaaane liiike getting into a relationship in this fashion here at! hahahaha!!

This isn't something I have ever, EVER, done and i honestly would have been the asshole friend scoffing if a friend of mine came to me with this very same tale! I neever would have imagined in a millllliiion yeears that I WOULD be the one on involved in something of this nature. All my friends and family even said they expected this from anyone But me. Yet... here I am!!

Only time shall tell, but... despite the few doubters we've had to managed, I think this one is going to work out. I only believe it because i was there for the entire experience. haha!

I miss chatting with you, friend! I hope all is going well with you!! And thank you soo much for the well wishes. I think it means even more to me when the wishes are from someone i feel I already have an established relationship with, like yourself. πŸ™‚

@Sadoi Hehe. This makes me happy, and renews my hope. πŸ™‚

@bingst awww... Always hold close to hope. Hope allows us to be open for the potential. πŸ˜‰

thank you my friend ❀


Public declarations are the kiss of death for love affairs. Good luck, though.

Typically, yes! I have actually never made one of these in my life. haha!!

Only time will tell. I know I, personally, would have scoffed at such declarations as this prior to having this happen To Me. lol! Now, its not so easy for me to deny. πŸ˜‰

Thank you for the wishes nonetheless!!


Good news, congratulations and the best to both of you!

ags2 Level 5 Feb 10, 2018

Thank you, all these kind words have been incredible, I might have to print this page and hang it on my wall, we both love all this positivity!

Aww I just barely saw this. Notifications don't always come through properly on my page. Thank you soo much!!

@Dav87 is correct. We Love the positive energy and the words of encouragement. We expected a different sort of reception than this. Before David created this post, I came out just a day or two ea That is a Great idea! Along with our correspondences, we Should print these out too! We should begin collecting what we have early on because even NOW we Already have an insane amount of data to gather. Imagine how much worse this is going to be a month from now dear! rlier, about our budding relationship. Even that one received more positive feedback over negative.

I feel so grateful to this site for having finally led me to cross paths with someone well worth my time, energy, gratitude and adoration. He is simply the kindest man I know and reminds me so much of my own beloved "father" who was actually my grandfather who raised me.

Again, thank you! We honestly appreciate it πŸ™‚

@Dav87 That is a Great idea! Along with our correspondences, we Should print these out too! We should begin collecting what we have early on because even NOW we Already have an insane amount of data to gather. Imagine how much worse this is going to be a month from now dear!

We keep saying we are going to do it, but I have only limited saves. We should break it down in to twos and take on half of the job each! lol! Might as well begin to learn some more Team Work in lieu of our pending union. The better we can work together in all manner of things, the better we can manage our lives together darling. Everything is an opportunity to practice fine tuning this thing called "love!" πŸ˜‰ and i do. you. ❀


MUCH happiness to the both of you!! Congrats.

Awww thank you so much. We have loved receiving all these well wishes and words of encouragement and kindess. We so appreciate it. πŸ™‚ I am positive he will agree. We already spent a bevy of hours discussing how generous most people have been about this matter here at

We were expecting more of the opposite, actually! hahaha

She's right, I can't say it any better than @Sadoi already has but I will personally ad my own thanks. Thank you silverotter its a pleasure to read all the positivity.

@Dav87 ❀❀❀


I'm very happy you've found someone, it gives me some hope! I wish you both all the best & I'm glad you're both sticking around!

Thank you, yeah, we're not going anywhere, love this place and the people.

Aww thank you! So kind of you. And yeah, we aren't intending to leave or vanish off. We are still very much here! Lol


Remember... "Love is Never Having to Say I Am Sorry".

Except if I'm wrong, then I always will. I couldn't hurt someone I love and not have the capacity to muster and apology. If your very own lover hasn't the honour to do what's right, what else do they lack the goodness to do? I'd never go to sleep angry. πŸ˜‰. No pride is better to hold to than it is to complete the simple act of compassion. πŸ™‚

@Sadoi You need to read the book or at least watch the movie... "Love Story". Is the Iconic phrase of the whole movie.

I thought it was "love is HAVING to say you're sorry" but then, I'm British and ever so polite!

@Dav87 That's not the Brits, that's the Canadians!

Canadians are just watered down Englishmen @phxbillcee

@Dav87 you Are ever so polite. Adorable. As am I! Hey, we are like a politeness duo! Imagine all the pleases and thank yours our home is going to hear? Lol

@phxbillcee yeah and I love Canadians. I'm entertaining the thought of completing my degree at Western Ontarios University London

Lived & worked up in Quebec for about a year in the late '70's. It would have been a better experience if my French was better, but I still enjoyed it.

@GipsyOfNewSpain ah i see! ive never seen that movie nor read the book.

@phxbillcee I have yet to visit Quebec simply due To the French! haha! Plus I have heard its nothing like the French I might pick up in a class. That made me assume I would end up either lost half my life there and/or eating ungodly things I couldnt even pronounce! lol

@Sadoi Well, it is Quebecois, not "pure" French, somewhat like Cajun patois, but if you learn school French, you would surely get by. You may still eat "ungodly" things, but's that's because they have McDonald's up there, too! LOL

@Sadoi I will take the Blame... that phrase made the movie what it became... the greatest love story movie until titanic came along, maybe. The rationale behind was they were two young, intelligent people that recognized that if you are hurt by my words or acts I didn't meant to and the sorry was understood and acknowledged without being mention.

@Sadoi it was a movie in the early 70s for that youth audience, today will make no sense. First movie I recalled Guys telling me "I cried in the movie". I don't think I cried. It was corny then and sure now... but is a blockbuster were all other romance movies were compared to. Why? Because she was young and she dies young.

@GipsyOfNewSpain oohi have heard of it. I like older movies but I go back to Doris day, Rick Hudson and Tony Randall films. I love Audrey Hepburn's Sabrina and the such.

Perhaps I will wait and watch that With @Dav87. He and I are fond of watching movies in bed so we will watch that along with some Ancient Aliens. I'll let you know if it makes him cry too, but knowing him, he Will probably cry! Hahaha

@phxbillcee haaahaaha!!! Oh my goodness, that mc Donald's comment just about killed me, I laughed so hard!! Thank you! That's much appreciated because I love to laugh!!

@Sadoi And you will love him more because of that... even if there is no tears, understand that it was made for a sensitivity of a generation different than yours. The theme song was everywhere and even old timers like Frank Sinatra made a version. It was the jewish girl and the rich guy and they fell in love and life has other plans, a sequel was made years later Oliver Story but without her audience didnt wanted to hear what happened to the guy after her. So I learned early in life that guy's story was not important for the ladies what was important was that romance... May your Romance last thru our lifetimes and beyond.

@Sadoi Just doin' my job! LOL I have to admit, I love some older movies (Casablanca, African Queen, Maltese Falcon, The Thin Man, 12 Angry Men,...) many of the rom-coms of the time leave me somewhat cold. Too many of them seem so "staged" (forgive me using the term in a cinema context!). Plus, knowing what we now know about Rock Hudson, it's hard to take many of his love scenes seriously!!! (& I thought "Love Story" was a trite manipulative film, of course, I felt much the same about "Titanic", also. Guess that's why they make vanilla, chocolate & strawberry...not to mention Rocky Road!!)

@phxbillcee like anything else acting has gone thru a lot of evolution. And you got all kind of levels of actors. I look at the craft from a perspective of credibility like a CIA operative running around in Paris with about 10 fights in a 48 hour period and not a single demostration of being hurt or tired. You have No Fucking Concusion Bro? And she said "The Take" was a good movie. I have to suspend disbelief.

@phxbillcee ooh all good titles my friend! i might have a little Hitchcock night tonight! πŸ˜‰

@GipsyOfNewSpain ooh its a love story-off! haha! A fight! A fight! A tabby and a white! haha

@Sadoi She won... she took me to see the 15:17 to Paris, not recommended to most here... true story without many trained actors. too much religion for the taste here...

@GipsyOfNewSpain Unfortunately, tho the story is a great one, & Eastwood is a very good director (even if his politics is questionable), casting the actual guys may have been a mistake. Most of the critics agree that for the actual scene on the train, they did fine, but in any of the background or set-up scenes their lack of experience, or training/talent, was all too evident. A shame, as the story is an incredible one.

@phxbillcee Life is never hollywood. And for what the movie is and what they did in their lives... Told those hollywood actors to charge a terrorist. My son volunteered to security duty in Afghanistan... despite his job was network security. My son was in those mountains driving those humvees. I understand your point but... Many of the extras in the train were the actual passengers on the train. And the movie is close to the book. Having lived in Europe the club scenes, the tourist parts are just like the real life... my date asked me if Amsterdam was like that.. Just like that. I know that nothing special happened to them before the train raid... to most tourist that is how it is... not getting laid in an alley or being arrested for pissing next to a police station or picking up a fight against 20 turkish in two vans. Real life is pretty boring and lame until the train raid of your life. I had one... I almost got murdered... but I am here... not as a hero. I never was. But as a survivor who didn't broke. And like always... the more people are always wrong. At least today... the theater was pack at a 2:00 PM showing and the first argument I had seen about reserved seats happened between members of the audience because the theater had overbooked reserved seats. Myself in those guys shoes... I don't want an overpaid hollywood "wimp" playing me. So I will side with them and mr Eastwood. But I tell you movie is not for everyone and me that don't do marvel heroes in tights, dragons or fantasy I saw value. Despite the window into their boring lives. Sometimes is not about Money. Thanks god.... he, he, ha, he, ha.

@Sadoi Book had years ago the rumor that "love story" was based on Al Gore and his wife. Very possible not true.

My Mum was from England, came to the US via Canada and eventually moved back to Canada. They all say 'I'm sorry' ???? and so do I.

@ags2 don't be sorry, I meant be sorry... the phrase made the movie but did not stopped anyone from saying sorry... all contrary I hear from women in my life a lot... "you better be sorry". The meaning in the movie was lost. It was simply when there is real love a lot of things do not need be said because they are understood and they are present. It was just a corny phrase from a corny movie. I mentioned with nothing behind it.


@dav87 πŸ˜‰hey there hot stuff! Fancy meeting you here...

This is true. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shared supportive words, advice i've received in emails, and yes, those of you who have asked, if we do decide to get hitched, we will put the word out. haha!

Soo many of my dear friends here sent wonderful, beautiful words my way. Thank you so very much. I sincerely mean it.

I am still in awe of the graciousness of some of you. David and I are so honoured by your concern.

from my heart I can honestly say we both appreciate everything.

ciao πŸ˜‰

Sadoi Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

There's so many good people here, I need to finish work so I can reply to them all! I'm so touched by all the kindness! It's crazy!

@Dav87 I know, right? Not what we expected, eh dear? We've only dealt with a couple of rude jerks. Lol! You shall emerge from your job soon enough. I'll chat you then . xxxx

@Marcus_Angelus mmm hmm the secret man's identity is ooout! Haahaa. It's David. πŸ˜‰


Congrats! So people really do meet partners on this site. Nice to know.

indeeed... πŸ˜‰ i was a disbeliever. Surprise! haha (hence, why i also stay agnostic lol I Could be wrong about many a things)

Amazing what you find when you're not looking! Hang on, I should say "its amazing what finds you when you're not looking" that's more accurate. Thank you so much for your kind words!

@Dav87 Watch "Under the Tuscan Sun" and then you'll understand this: Ladybugs. πŸ˜‰ its a book too, but the movie is faster simply to understand an inside comment. haha!


All the best to you both! Mazel tov!

Thank you. πŸ™‚

Tado! My Hebrew speaking friend!

@Dav87 I only know a few words but you're welcome. πŸ™‚


Nice to hear a success story. All the best to you two.

Much appreciated.

It is isn't it, just goes to show what you can find when you're not looking! Diolch! There's some welsh for you, I'm running out of languages to say thank you in!


That’s fantastic! I’m glad for the both of you.

balou Level 8 Feb 7, 2018

Much appreciated.

Shukraan my friend Shukraan!

@Dav87 what's up with your and the languages today, babe? Haha why not some Japanese, eh? Afterall, I Am Japanese. Lol

I don't know Japanese though my dearest @Sadoi you'll have to teach me some!

@Dav87 Easy enough Arigato. Me! As a CAT! and figure this one out: Watashi no ai. πŸ˜‰


Congrats, and all the best to you both.

Why thank you very much.

shukraan jazilaan, Thank you in one of my favourite languages my friend!

@Dav87 oh my! Haha!


Pictures. we need pictures. πŸ™‚

Will post as soon as we get some! πŸ˜‰ We will post pleeenty!

This is me on top of a mountain, this is how this girl makes me feel, for now, that's going to be all you're getting!

@Dav87 aww I Love that picture. Many more mountains we can climb, darling. πŸ˜‰

@Dav87 may I be your lemur too? Heehee

@Dav87 sorry, but was checking out said photo again and said aloud to myself, "yup! And That's Off thee Maarkeet.". Haha

@Sadoi No need to, I had you followed by the Eye in The Sky... I told You I have connections.Not all birds in the tree were birds.

@GipsyOfNewSpain hahaha! so you are saying you Already Knew it was David? Did the ancient aliens point you in the right direction? hahaha

@Sadoi I couldn't confirm or deny anything at that moment... all I could say is... it was not me. Since identity confirmed to be a True Friendly... I will send the drones home now.

@GipsyOfNewSpain haha were they flying over the UK too?? haha! In order to snag the identity of my boyfriend, eh? hahaha!!!

So what do you think about my sense of style? What of his? he is Quite unique you know! Those drones are stealing our secrets! haha

@Sadoi In front of you and your style I stand defeated but in front of him I will deny everything I am saying. UK after all is an Ally. I never asked permission from M6 and I want mr Bond staying retired for now. We play checkers on Tuesdays you know?

@GipsyOfNewSpain may i join in on the checkers and may i play by drone? lol

@Sadoi You just missed him... he just walked out. He wasn't too happy, once again I whup his scottish behind.


Rock on!

We shall try! you too! haha

I never stop, you can't stop the rock!


You go girl!! I'm happy for you.

Thank you! i am lucky

Thank you HippieChick58, love the name by the way!

@Dav87 Thank you!!


All the best to you, Dav, and thanks for sharing your uplifting post with us. πŸ™‚

No problem, it's good to share the love. Thank you!


Congratulations and couldn't happen to a better guy!!!! Great for you two!!!!!

ooh look! its my good gent! I was So touched by your responses. Thank you! You know you mean the world to me, don't you? πŸ™‚

I sooo appreciate you my wise friend.

@Sadoi @Dav87 So is you two... that is like... my head about to explode of joy!!!

You're too kind my friend, thank you so much!

@GipsyOfNewSpain it is! It's true! It was David aaall along, my friend! Right under your nose the WHOOLE time! Haha mystery solved!

Did we do an exemplary job of keeping it hidden? I thought so? Hahaha

We actually outed him on my initial thread where I came out first. David is more private than I, but he was supportive with me coming out. He knew I could no longer contain myself. He is simply a quiet man. Not with me, thought, haha! Not by any long means, but with the public, he is. And I find that endearing.

I'm always tight lipped too and have been for weeks now but once I get overly joyous, this can Easily happen! Haha

@Sadoi I have to say that an asshole me would have question him why he was following me... but I am a simple, gentleman... a compliment to my character. Now I know why he was following me. Good Show. You have to spread the News... It can happen to us too!!! All of us. Couldn't happen to a better couple!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain who is following you? Well, that is something you and David share in common. He is also a simple, gentleman... a compliment to his good character too. πŸ˜‰ I prefer simple, gents myself.

We hath spread the news faaar and wiiiide! Blooming looove!! πŸ˜‰ Because its true. I Really, truly believe he and i stand a good ass chance at pulling this off. He honestly is ideal for me and had I not gone through this firsthand, myself, I probably wouldnt have believed it either. I feel almost embarrassed talking about it like this because im such a non-believer in anything remotely akin to the experiences i have had with David. I cannot deny it because I was there. haha! And i am... 110% craaaazy about this man! I share more with you, openly about my feelings, because you and I have had time to bond here at already. But its true.

I think we will be one of the first couples to make it and... i swear, i never believe things like this. I am a Skeptic. Period. I never felt this in my other relationships and im not flighty. I am sensible. Hence, why so many of my friend and family are shocked by my actions. I say to them "judge me based on my history and since you Know based on my history that I am Very Logical, together, not easily rattled, never flighty... so if I Announce a man in my life after YEARS of refusing ALL companionship, what should that say to you? That maybe im Serious, else WHY Would i involve all of you?" Besides, why would I pick a man sooo far away too? Not like that makes it Any easier. You know what I mean?

He is coming out and I need to prepare everyone for this... change soon to be happening. We will probably get married. I refused marriage. I have preached over a DECADE, "Marriage is lame! Its a legal and religious propaganda! I will NEVER EVER get married AGAIN!" I was with my last mate for 6 years and he Tried to get me to marry him the entire time. I even have Two children with him and I Refused to marry him.

But this one... its not the same. Not even slightly and i Do know it sounds insane. i know. lol! but I cannot deny what i feel nor what I intend to do. This one is Too compatible to not give it a damn good fighting chance. I feel so fortunate. I've waited sooo long. All my life. πŸ˜‰ I Believe (truly) This is The One for me. Otherwise I would never had done this.

And yes, it CAN happen! I feel like i won the lotto though! haha


Mazel tov!

Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

Its okay! Always more than enough room for double well wishes! Trust me, David and I will Not Object! haha

Toda! Many thanks, all the well wishes are so very greatly received!

Indeed πŸ™‚. I concur



Damn it!!! I really need to read through the comments before I post!! πŸ˜‰

@KKGator Nah... i still appreciated it. πŸ˜‰ you are perfectly okay!

getting twice the good juju= awesome to me! haha

Thank you so much!! We appreciate it! πŸ˜‰

@KKGator no, Mazeltov is the Perfect word for this post!

@AnneWimsey your are correct! It is the perfect sentiment. πŸ™‚

I believe it is customary to reply to his with "Toda!" Hebrew for thank you!

@Dav87 sorry I know no Hebrew so I stick to what I know. Haha

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