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Good article. It's sad to think of the people I know who still support this poor excuse for a human being.


Agreed, 100% and then some


Here is an interesting take on the subject.


I believe that if the people that defend him actually paid attention they'd be just as much against him as I am, but they spend all their time telling all the rest of us to listen to them. They refuse to listen to him much less us. They've been preprogrammed to believe that anyone not in their party is an enemy. None of us are lying about him or what he says and does, but all we have to do is quote him and we're written off immediately with the term "fake news" or worse.
I for one am sick of pussy footing around in fear of offending some deplorable POS that like all sheep are predestined to be fleeced by the very people they consider leaders whom in turn regard them as useful morons at best. I hate watching these fools confirm their leaders opinions of them, they could do so much better for themselves.


There is a large part of his cult that doesn't care. They see him helping to achieve their goals, as nebulous as they may be: racist; hierarchical; guns; being allowed to control the actions of others, like sex in multiple forums; fucking over the poor, especially those welfare queens takingballbthe money (ironic that most welfare goes to whites, especially in Appalachia and the Ozarks, which are in states that receive back more federal aid than tax money given in).


Sorry but that is the way it is.

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