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If he manages to win all news is in jeopardy.


This is major!


If this administration is being sued for violation of the constitutional rights of people that's not here and wasn't born here (as ludicrous paramount incredible super stupid as it sounds) then anything is possible...... Is here where I am suposed to add hash tag "Stupidity has no limits"?




A free press is a principle that is so foundational to what it means to be an American that the people at Fox couldn't possibly do anything else.

I tend to agree.


Wow. They actually did what they're supposed to.


What do they have to gain by supporting the lawsuit? Could it be as simple as what they said? To support the free press? Call me a skeptic but i don't think it passes the sniff test either.


Sean Hannity is so confused, he's locked himself in his office to cry, sources have confirmed.


There have been some surprising things coming out of Faux News people lately. Makes one wonder what's going on.

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