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Has anybody seen it and would they care to see it?

Looking4-Others 8 Nov 16

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The Kansas based former Libertarians who have now bought into the GOP and are in control of our government. Along with the Mercers, DeVos, and others they do not give a damn about you, your healthcare, your food or your water. Russian and German influence is in their past and a good book about them is called "Dark Money."

Paul Ryan was going to be the prez but that job went to Donald Trump. Missouri disgraced governor Greitens was one of theirs and so is current Senator Josh Hawley. They are putting their people in place and some of these are out of (or in support with) The New Apostolic Reformation. Getting ready for that "Christian Nation" some of these people make Ken Ham look like a first grader.

Resist and beware!


Not sure who that is. I rarely see the news.

@Looking4-Others They stole OPEC's title.

@Looking4-Others Had ran across some serious BS and the Pope funding WWII to help Hitler achieve total religious domination


Haven't seen it, know they are antisocial, and don't want to toss my dinner; I'll pass.

@Looking4-Others If any of us wonder why America has appeared to go to hell today without anyone taking issue with what is going on, the Koch brothers money and influence is why. The goal is to totally destroy government as we know it. Profit is all that matters.

@DenoPenno, @Looking4-Others They just want power, fuck the people. They are responsible, or partly responsible, for cutting money for social programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, school lunches, etc.

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