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What book software do you recommend for book publishing, both e books and paper books

Do you have a favorite software?

Sunsetmermaid 5 Nov 17

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I use calibre for sending and converting books to my nook. But then again, I only use Linux; I don't know if it's available for other platforms. It does, what I think, a good job at converting titles to epub format; it will convert to pretty much any format from any format. Write your book in word or Libre office, convert it to your desired (possibly protected) format. It takes a bit to get used to the steering wheel, but it has a lot of options.

After checking, it appears to be available for all major platforms - with the exception of BSD and Solaris.

Thank you. I will let my Gen X whiz kid decipher this. You are really nice to be so helpful. I am 64. Most of my life I cleaned up poop and gardened. I would survive no tech.




IBook on iPhone

You know, much of this was written on a little pink I phone. You are beautiful. My son wants a cool female atheist like you. 'whoever you are with is damn lucky.


I went through CreateSpace when I put out my book. []

I found it pretty user-friendly.

Thank you for taking time to reply. The young people are craving atheist thoughts write now.


Go to A site that does that for free with their computers.....


i have tried several ebook publishers. they all sucked.

i use libre office for writing my stuff.



Should join this group



I use createspace. I sell in paperback and Kindle form.


I was looking at BookBaby they edit and have an in to Amazon from what I have read.

You are adorable. Book baby huh?

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