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LINK Neil Gaiman Shuts Down Bill Maher over Disrespectful Stan Lee Comments

More people cared about Stan Lee’s death than care about Bill Maher alive.
-Neil Gaiman


By TheMiddleWay
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Maher is too smug to watch. Ego out the anus.

CallMeDave Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

Three guys I admire - Neil Gaiman, Bill Maher, and Stan Lee - don't agree with each other? How terrible!
They're all in the entertainment industry and, while I've enjoyed all of their contributions, they've contributed nothing of lasting value to society. I'd trade the lot of them for one Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.

jerry99 Level 7 Dec 26, 2018

Ooh I don’t know... Stan Lee and Marvel are no small accomplishment, and Neil Gaiman is a wonderful writer. I have a lot of respect for literary and artistic accomplishment.

Um, dude, you're way off base. Technology is not the only way to make a lasting contribution.


Triggered much, lol.

I didn't care about Stan Lee when he was alive. I don't care about Stan Lee now that he is dead.
Frankly, I kind of lean towards Bill on this. Childish things are for children. But I won't go ALL the way there because, to each his or her own. There are worse things to become fixated on than superheroes. Like . . . Religion?

The whole thing is reminiscant of when Steve Jobs kicked the bucket. Praise the brains behind the inventor of the toys we all love. The fact that he (and Lee) tended to behave monopolisticly . . . Yeah, let's leave that out.

Mb_Man Level 6 Dec 17, 2018

If you think Maus or Persepolis are childish, then I dare say you had a much more mature childhood than most. smile008.gif

@TheMiddleWay rolls eyes

@Mb_Man Rollin' 'em right back atcha.


I don't have a fragile ego - I thought Maher's comments were funny.

SLBushway Level 6 Dec 14, 2018

Neil spoke the truth. Stan Lee impacted generations. Bill will be forgotten once his show is cancelled.

Infoguy211 Level 8 Nov 20, 2018

Oh, Bill. he pisses me off sometimes. He pushes it sometimes. He has given me fits over jokes about women. He is a very intelligent and funny attention whore. Many children that would not read, read graphic novels. Many smart but lonely children read them too. Stan was a story man for the well-loved Spiderman and many others. People in art should me celebrated. I think the stereotyping of smart people buying comic books as kids has a grain of truth.

alanalorie Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

Why mock a dead man, his work and his fans when he did nothing to harm anyone and brought joy to so many? I wonder who Mahr thinks he is and how important he must perceive his talk show host status that he's throwing rocks at Stan Lee.

I've seen Mahr maybe twice while at other people's houses, I've been enjoying Stan Lee's creations consistently since I was four years old. This was simply a dick move against a dead man who did nothing to deserve it.

KissedbySun Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

Aw, poor Bill, was no one paying attention to you?

purcascade Level 5 Nov 18, 2018

Bill Maher just says things for attention.

Chestnut Level 1 Nov 18, 2018

Neil is so brilliant.

whispers Level 7 Nov 18, 2018

One of the greatest writers of our generation IMO... which speaks highly of the "childish" medium of comics/graphic novels...

@TheMiddleWay Exactly...he's also a great supporter of public libraries, which shows what a good person he is. He knows it may mean less book sales for him, but he believes in access for everyone.

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