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There is a sense in which we are all each other's consequences..

fred 3 Feb 9

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It's a quote from Wallace Earle Stegner . It always sounded true to me ,I imagine it mean that every body build himself in reaction to others . That we all have influence , and that we are all some how responsible for other joy and misery, but not necessarily in a predictable or acontactable way , more a factual statement that we are all having an influence on other.

fred Level 3 Feb 10, 2018

Please elaborate.


It might be because that is 100% the case. Everything is a consequence of something else.


I am in no way responsible for anyone else! That is the reason I feel free to give opinions & advice....because I know darn well that people only hear what they Want to hear!


is that anything like a yahtzee?


I can't say I understand what you mean

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