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Friday Love!

Its Friday! What are you doing this fine evening fellow disbelievers? lol

Tell me how you like to enjoy a friday night.

Sadoi 7 Feb 9

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I have my kids this weekend. I like to do whatever they want to do. When they are not here, I split it between staying in to relax, and going out for some adult beverages.


I`m off to an open mic night where I will sing my songs and maybe have a few people back later.


On Fridays I like to have a few whiskies and a cigar and usually a phone call with my long distance fwb.


I'm gonna PARTY!!! And by party, I mean get together stuff in my house to donate to this youth program up the street. I know how to rage. Gonna do some shots of coffee. It's how I roll.


Get better soon, I went to a play


Sitting home with a 101 fever trying to get it to break so i don't miss anymore days of work.

Me too, brother! Sick as a fucking chicken run over by the influenza tractor!

Get well Soon, my friends and I think David and I are going to try what you sent me. Maybe you should share it with silver dollar Jedi, too. He's a great dude and would be an asset. 😉


I'm glad I'm not alone in the home on a Friday.

Now I'm about to get hiiiigher than dorthy in a balloon to Ozzz

Sadoi Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

In bed wide awake and alone.

I hear ya man! Same here except I'm sicker than a dog with the black plague!!

@Sadoi I'm sorry I hope it's nothing serious.

@JoeMastle was. Pneumonia yay!

@Sadoi yuk

@JoeMastle yeah it sux mega!


Shaving legs and pits and privates..theeen Netflix..and cocktails of course..

Thankfully i have never had to shave anything. I am hairless other than my mane! i have never shaved my legs in my life and there is Literally not a thing on them. my girl friends are always annoyed when they are stuck with goosebump legs and even arms and me... smooothe as a babys bottom 😉 hee hee

Perks of being asian! 😀

Mmmm smoooth

@Sadoi you

@Sadoi I didn't know that😉

@JoeMastle that's right! Like buddah!

@Charlene hahaha the lament of Aaall my lady friends. Smug grin. See, it PAYS to be Banana Yellow!! Haha

Hey, where are those drinks miss Charlene?? I think I'd like to get down on a Bev with ya! I'm having aBAAAD NIGHT LADY! LOL

@Leutrelle yup! Luck o the yellow! 🙂. In my life I've shaved only twice and it was just too understand the experience of shaving.

In my teens I was actually annoyed that I wasn't getting body hair because I Wanted to shave like everyone else. Lame. I know. Lol. On the flip side, imagine how my male cousins must feel about the plight of the hairless! Haha

@Sadoi you and @Charlene are making it hard for me to keep my dirty mind in check. Lol

@JoeMastle hahaha! It's okay. Week just pretend to be your muses. Hah

@Sadoi I can handle that 🙂

@JoeMastle well there ya go! A solution! Haha

@Sadoi manhattens at my place..and you said that on words?..cause I love it...yeah I do..hehehe

@Charlene nah! I was once a public reader of my writings and one of my old standbys is about growing up Asian American post Vietnam and Pearl harbor. It's about racism in all its subtleties and how the Asian American camps where kept as limited and secret as possible by the US government. It was called "Banana Yellow, Yeah Fellow"

I was white enough to be overlooked, but too Asian to be acknowledged. We were the Invisible People for so many decades.

Thaaat just fucking figures..I loath this country, often..

@Charlene yup. Me too!! Haha it's okay. We may be slight outcasts, but we are the coolest kids so who cares! Intelligent folk flock!

Like they say momma, birds of a feather... 😉

True dat sister!!!

@Charlene High-5! Charlene, we should meet up some time. 😉

@Sadoi when you ready


Watching resident evil the 4th movie tonight might plot taking over the world next Friday tonight a couple of non alcoholic beer and a movie is not as exciting as taking over the world but is a minor cure for the humdrum.

Its okay. Im just laying in bed sick as a dog... so your night is going Far better than mine. I was so out of it earlier that i realized Fast and the Furious was playing in the background and i nearly clawed my own eyes out! Ive NEVER seen those movies before For a Reason! Vin being the number One of the reasons.

Albeit, outside of his plethora of subpar, shitty movie roles (not nearly as bad as The Rock though, dwaayne johnson HAH) he Is a brilliant man! That part of Vin, I Do appreciate. 😉

Its his voice that drives me the most insane. He talks like the WB Frog Sings!

@Sadoi the main reason that you are so drained from being sick is your electrolytes are zapped smoking can drain your electrolytes even more. Get some smart water has lots of electrolytes in it. Zinc can help with the congestion. The main reason chicken soup is such a good moms cure is it helps supposedly boost electrolytes.

@azzow2 oh I've been electrolyting the shiiit out of myself. The bud is because I'm sick of puking too. Lol

I went to med school so I know my body is being a douchebag. Lol

@Sadoi was thinking of the cigarette smoke. Have you done steps to elevate your core temp. I know a trick that will help not trying to be funny they say sex helps relieve ill symptoms self indulging can also help. Trying to think of things to help you.

@azzow2 yeah i have a core temp elevation. its called a fucking Fever!


Olympic opening ceremony..
I enjoyed it

ah im so out of the loop, i didnt even realize it was olympics time already! I recall when olympics were such a big deal and it Honestly seemed like they WERE every four years, but now-a-days it seems like Every Year i hear "olympics this, olympics that" and im wondering, "isnt this shit supposed to be like presidential elections? so why is it every single year shits going down with the olymics??



hahah! for my friday im Dying!!! hahaha why is it the colds seem soo much worse at night? i think its natures way of screwing with our heads. Give us hope in the daytime hours... Steal ALL HOPE in the nighttime hours! nice!

Somehow that doesn't surprise me🙂

@Leutrelle for TMW, noo. I'd normally be studying my ass off too because I study medicine too, but I got a free pass for now because I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and my own co-workers had to treat me while I was hospitalized.

I get to do what TMW is doing soon enough. Lol I do Not envy him either. This shit gets hard!

@Sadoi Sorry to hear of your illness, get well soon. That's the extent of my doctoring advice🙂


I"m sure there is a medical reason, maybe to do with circadian rhythms or being supine for so long or some such, but I've noticed I ALWAYS feel worse at night than during the day.

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