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Do you like music in languages you don't understand?

celticagent 7 Nov 20

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Actually, it's kind of fun. I have a bunch of songs in German, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic. I good song is a good song, and sometimes the other language lets me focus more on the song than anything else.


I listen to several Hispanic singers even though I usually have to translate the lyrics. I really like Robi Draco Rosa but also like Reuben Blades and Juan Luis Guerra.


I used to have some old recordings of Cajun dance bands that I enjoyed. Even though my French is beginner's level. I also enjoyed Irish and Scottish folk ballads sung in Gaelic; even though my Gaelic is practically nonexistent.

I love some Gaelic songs...Clannad for example

Those Cajuns know their way around an accordion!


I learned Haitian creole from listening to Haitian songs.


Sure! The music itself has to hook me first, and then curiosity about any lyrics or libretto follows. I enjoy music from many places and cultures.

Oh, I agree 🙂 I like French music, especially Quebecois!


Absolutely! Well over half the music in my collection is in languages besides English, which is the only language in which I know more than a few stray words. I got hooked on music from across the globe by Wisconsin Public Radio's show Higher Ground, Georges Collinet's Afropop Worldwide, and lots of used Putomayo CDs in record shops. A good song is a pleasure no matter the language. Saw one of my longtime favorites a month ago in Cambridge, Youssou N'Dour. Tinariwen, Cheikh Lo, Papa Wemba, Ismael Isaac, Mokoomba, Baaba Maal, TootArd, and Tal National are some of the performers I find irresistable in any language. Give them a try!

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