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Watching a cheesy movie about the Mormon migration. It is prefaced by a statement along the lines of the story is inaccurate but the miracles are real

btroje 9 Feb 10

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LOL...They got everything wrong except the "miracles"? That's rich. Hahaha


ppffffftttt Puhleze.


Was the slaughter of innocent people inaccurate or a miracle?

of course this is not touched on


I don't know why they have to bring miracles into it. Honestly, the real story is exciting enough as it stands. They should have all died but somehow didnt.


That's hilarious!

glad someone appreciates the irony!


I live about thirty miles north of Hill Cumorah where the whole spectacle started. I have worked with Mormons but they have never tried to proselytize me. Their history is an unbelievable ( to me, at least) American soap opera. But is has everything people seem to like from their religion: drama,gold, dreams , angels and persecution. They are the fastest growing faith in Africa, putting a lot of funds and resources into developing relationships.
Scott Chisholm, my poetry mentor, wrote a book describing his trek from upstate New York to Salt Lake City. It is appropriately called "Following the wrong god home" and follows the trail the Mormons took. [].


Idaho is Mormon country. They will believe about anything.

I don't know that much about Mormons or Scientology but the both seem equally out there

All the "prophets" have to do to get what they want is say, "God told me..." That's how Smith added the poly marriages. He liked pliable youngsters in his bed.


Does it mention that they migrated because nobody could stand them, and people kept driving them away.

JimG Level 8 Feb 10, 2018

no I think this is a sympathetic version

Mention raping little girls into marriage?


I got miracles for them..pow! right in the kisser!


I like your style!!

@HippieChick58 can see them coming 4 blocks away..seriously it like their

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