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LINK Crops are rotting in fields as Trump's trade war bites US farmers

Now who would have ever predicted this outcome?

HippieChick58 9 Nov 21

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He does not understand how he is hurting the economy of the USA.

Amongst a vast multitude of other things.


Has anyone noticed that the Stock Market is slowly dropping?

If you look at history the republicans always leave office with a down stockmarket which rises under dems only to be claimed again by the republicans


Hey - not to worry - drump is just gonna raise our taxes so that he can give the farmers bigger subsidies to watch their crops rot in the fields. SMH


Takes money away from Medicare, distributes it to farmers who voted for him as corporate welfare.


This has hit Washington especially hard. It is what it will take for people to wake up to the disaster many have made through their stupidity. We may all be affected.


Yeah...shocking! it's trump who should be rotting in some field

Xena Level 6 Nov 21, 2018

Don't think of it as crops rotting in the field, think of it as making America great again.

I'm getting so tired of all this winning, just like he promised.


Some of these fools will eventually wise up, But,m will it be before they go bankrupt?



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