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He is .


Now we know the price of a human life is $110,000,000,000.00. What a loser we have in the White House! Completely devoid of morals, scruples, decency, backbone, ethics, humanity, compassion, ... And filled with ignorance, bias, racism, swampy cronyism, ...Please, Mr. Mueller deliver us from this orange-face-painted disgrace!


Trump is NOT Saudi Arabia's bitch!
He's everyones whiny little bitch!


I think we need a lot of influential people stand up and shout their views - in a narrow timeframe. Sort of like a blitzkrieg that would overwhelm tRump...


I love it. She's spot on.


She is a vet and has earned her stripes !!

Ohub Level 7 Nov 21, 2018

So we have a three way with Putin and the Prince with tRump in the middle. Pretty gross.

@AngryAF []


She's not wrong.


I definitely laughed when I heard about that. Can't wait to see how he "retaliates".
Cuz, you know he will.

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