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The republicans will not accept their own report that showed them the single payor plan was the best.

Leading Republicans rely on the ignorance of US citizens.. Obviously, the upper echelon Repubs ‘have theirs’ ... apparently, their foot-soldiers are willing to die younger … perceiving this as ‘a war against the Democrats’..

@Varn I agree


I thought something was strange when the only drugs covered by my plan were leeches and boiling water.


We’re Number One! 😟

Varn Level 8 Nov 22, 2018

There are some spectacular juxtaposing facts about US healthcare:

  1. massively expensive
  2. massively inaccessible
  3. widely yet erroneously believed by many Americans to be the best in the world

It’s pretty extraordinary that so many have been persuaded that European universal systems are ‘socialist’ and therefore intolerable even as they can’t get healthcare themselves as a result

Where do you start with that?

I’ve determined there’s a large element within the USA that would rather die than admit they’re wrong … and unfortunately, they vote ~

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