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I've been paying more attention to my dog's reactions to things and it is dawning on me that she is demonstrating where religion comes from. It clearly amazes her to see me touch the top of her jar of treats and the top just magically spins and then falls off. What amazes her too, is her leash and how she can use it to make me go where she wants to go. It's the beginning of her realizing there are mystical things happening and I must be a god, or at least good friends with one.

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 10

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Dogs can teach us so much and its always a surprise when they do! I love dogs, as well as the rest of my family. That's why we have four! We adopt old or unwanted dogs due to disabilities (saved quite a few from euthanasia). Many have been abused, and we want their LAST home to be where they experience unconditional love. Its taught our children a lot of empathy and compassion. Our home will never make Architectial Digest, but it's worth it.

Kudos my friend, kudos.

@Dick_Martin oh, thank you. Its a labor of love! Its a passion to all of us to care for the unwanted. People can be such jerks.


The dog says, "You feed me, care for me, defend me. You must be God." The cat says, "You feed me, care for me, defend me. I must be God."

So cats are smarter than dogs!


I cannot see how a dog, cat or any other non human creature could think an individual is a God. In my experience it is they who actually train us. The dog has taught you to get her treats by doing particular actions that tell you what you are supposed to do. I live with three cats, I have a favorite chair, a rocking chair, Lilly, the female knows I like this chair and likes to use it if I leave it. It takes her less than 5 seconds to place herself within it comfortably. We have a conversation all day long about who gets to use this chair, most of the time I can get it, but there are times when I have to remove her to another chair. This is just he wanting to be close to Kate and I. She is a great cat and I am trainable.

They train us by insisting until we give in and do whatever they want at the time. Persistence.


Ha ha, I remember when my kids realized who was in charge....

JimG Level 8 Feb 10, 2018

And that would have been ...?

@Dick_Martin not me.


In the mid 1970s, I had a Border Collie mix, Benji, while living in a Louivsille, KY, apartment, who sometimes seemed blase about our great inventions.
We lived on the fourth floor, and I would take Benji to the big dirt and weeds parking lot back of the building to relieve herself, but apparently she soon decided she could do it on her own.

She began getting out of the apartment, then a few minutes later be back, tapping at the front door to be let in.
The mystery of where she went was solved when someone mentioned that he saw my dog take the elevator to the ground floor, trot around the back to do her business, then ride the elevator back up.

I asked how she reached the elevator buttons and the guy laughed and said that everyone knows where she lives, so someone always pushes the right floor buttons for her.

I have had to start locking my door. She lets herself out if I don't..


Interesting. I'm pretty sure my cats think they are Gods


or shes is friendly/dominant


same meat different gravy


It is well documented that the higher animals can form "superstitions".


I'm thinking she thinks she's got you trained just the way she wants you !


Nice observation🙂


Wow, what we read into pets actions and reactions.


Yeah, but how many gods pick up shit? On that basis, I guess I should be worshipping my toilet.

They don't call it the porcelain altar for nothing...

@shockwaverider lol!

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