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In 2018, Flat Earthers will...

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Nebroxah 6 Feb 11

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In 2018, Flat Earthers will still be considered stupid and my kids will not be hiring their kids.


They will attemt to find then climb the majic ICE wall that keeps all the water encased on the flat earth..


First I was going to pick, "Drill Through The Planet" because it made me laugh out loud, but the more practical action for them that is also being taken by creationists would be to, "Lobby To Have Their Theories Taught As An Alternative To Conventional Science In Kansas".


the correct ending to the sentance you have started goes as follows.... will continue to talk absolute bullshit


I think they'll come a-round.

godef Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

don't know how many people got that


“Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups.” -George Carlin


I am still not convinced that they take themselves seriously.

At least some do. I have 3 in my office of 18 (Georgia, need I say more?). Only 1 of them is slightly "on the fence". They are also devote Christians and Anti-vaxers.


To me, "flat earthers" are just too stupid to think about. I don't think they have enough clout to be worried about.

This are a lot of them, and they vote and influence policies in government and schools. I am very concerned.

Huh....that's what I thought about Trump running for President, but I vastly underestimated the stupidity of the American people.

@marga As PT Barnum once said, there's a sucker born every minute, and they all voted for Trump.


Tho I voted for "Lobby..." I did so both as jest & thinking,"Well, if the ID'ers can do it...". Guess I'm not surprised it has the most votes, followed closely by "Run for Office..."!


Even medieval people were not that dumb. It was the author Washington Irving that started the myth that people used to think the earth was flat. Any visit to the sea shore or boat trip on a calm day shows the truth. I do wonder just how many actually believe this gunk and how many just find it a great excuse to troll?


The problem with the internet and social media is that it gives a tiny, insignificant but vocal minority an opportunity to find more like minded idiots and to sound more important than they really are. They really are morons and should be ignored. I doubt that it is possible to convince them of the truth because they are surrounded by it all the time and they choose to ignore it.

...and a hell of a lot of people are very stupid and very gullible!


Does anyone take them seriously, SMH.

Yes! Ideas spread like a virus among the gullible.


none of these answers. they will rely on ignorance


They will find a spot to hang upside down from the edge and see the elephants that are holding up the disk world. There are books written about that. They should all read them and give up on bending physics for the real world towards their crazy notions!


I hope the answer is "Become Irrelevant" as last years stupidity test.


Push them off the edge if they won't jump!

First we need to get them all there!


A few years ago, VSauce, one of my favourite science YouTuber talked about the Flat Earth theory (and its history).

Early in the video, he presents what it would be like to live on a flat Earth - considering that gravity is real on a flat Earth. Basically, if gravity exists on a flat Earth, gravity would pull everything towards its centre - rather than "downwards". Therefore, everything further from the centre of this "disc" will have to be built in angle away from the centre. Otherwise, it will simply topple towards the centre.

VSauce then traced the origin of the recent incarnation of the flat Earth beliefs to, guess what, a religious sect which branched from Christianity/Catholicism in Zion, llinois in 1906. Voliva, that church's leader, enforced the flat Earth ideas in schools and in public places (via signage, etc.) 😛

However, VSauce does conclude that for some, Earth would look flat. But those will have to be travelling at 99.99...% the speed of light. 😛

I saw this a while ago, too. Now there are a bunch of debunkers & YT'ers reacting to FE videos out there. Yet they won't go away!

@phxbillcee Yeah, it amazes me that, with all the information available at our fingertips - literally, people are still taken in by snake oil salesmen. It is unfortunate that the Internet, facilitated by algorithms, has allowed us to form into factions (based on our own information bubbles).

@SamKerry Of course, if you let it, which I make sure to when I have the time, I'll just let YT take me where it will. Just grab some of the "suggestions" to the right at random, & the more you do that the further you get from the original subject or viewpoint. Now, sometimes it's places you may not want to go, but if nothing else, it helps show you what's actually out there.


Personally... I hope their own poor logic and stupidity becomes so thick that they all suffocate in it.


They will find Jack Sparrow.


Fall of the edge

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