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Religion vs Atheism

Do ya'll think a religious person can date an atheist one???
Like, could them ever spend their entire lives together?

I'm not going against secularism but i wanna know if you think they really can build a solid relationship while being so divergent.

Either it's a wife/husband or family members or a friends relationship, i think one day it might break.

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By TheAquarius4
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My first husband (I consider an idiot) was a Catholic who punched me in the mouth 3 months after we were married, we lived together for 1 yr and he did nothing like that. I told him if he ever touched me again I would have him killed. I worked with gas station guys. One pumped gas with a cig hanging out of his mouth, I'd yell at him the fumes are coming out while the gas is going in you're going to blow us all up. He said "I was in 'Nam got shot in the back ran to the medics holding my intestines so I don't give a flying fk about dying". I worked with THOSE kinds of people. Husband was scared, only lasted 2 kids & 6 yrs. His mom dressed my kids up and I think she baptized them both one day. If it made her feel good I didn't GAS. But I was ticked off for along time. I hated her after that. Never spoke to her again.


I guess if you ok not being yourself, watching what you say and avoiding topics all together it could work. But who would want that?

AlexRam Level 7 Jan 15, 2019

I've heard it can work, but I strongly advise against it. My experience wasn't pleasant.

ldheinz Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

Why can't we just all get along? Rodney King 1992 after the L.A. riots

Grecio Level 6 Dec 4, 2018

A fish may fall in love with a bird, but where will they build their nest?


I think my sister's puppy has a crush on me. She insists on kissing me on the lips. smile009.gif

@ldheinz Just be careful, you know where puppy lips go don't ya?.... freakin everywhere.


Kinda just depends on the strength of the beliefs. A person with extremely strong religious beliefs will not be able to maintain a happy long term relationship with an anti-theist; however, a mildly religious live-and-let-live religious person with the same type of atheist will have the same odds as everyone else.

I say enjoy the relationship while it lasts and walk away when it's over before you learn to hate each other.



It really depends on the people involved, If the religious person in question is a liberal Christian, it may not be a problem, as they have a less literal approach to the Bible and are more accepting in their views. A fundamentalist Christian, on the other hand will be trying to convert you so you don't go to Hell.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 3, 2018

When i was a believer I dated an atheist...we conversed quite well because we were both, and still are, Socialists... only thing that changed is now I'm a godless communist... lol
We're still friends because it's not the minor things of life that matter in intellectual conversation....


My wife and I have been married for almost 44 years. She is religous and goes to church almost every Sunday. I’m a strong atheist and have very rarely attended church and then only to appease the family. We have agreed not to discuss religion. She raised the children in the church and I am the only atheist in the family.

Trajan61 Level 8 Nov 29, 2018

Ok. Then, can u please tell me how do u feel being atheist and raise christians children???

@TheAquarius I didn’t raise them as Christain’s but my wife did. Unfortunately openly atheist people where I live are extremely rare.

@Trajan61 Hum! I think there are issues. I can't stand having christian children while being atheist.
It's my point of view.

@TheAquarius At least there is hope that some of them will eventually see the light as none are what you would consider devoutly religous as the children only go to church occasionally.

@TheAquarius I think if I had insisted that my children be brought up atheist I would have had a divorce on my hands.

@Trajan61 lolllll ok

@TheAquarius i raised my son as an agnostic, even though i was Christian (well, gnostic...) at the time, so he could have his own discussion... it's free will after all.... he now believes more god stuff than me, even though i was an ordained minister.... go figure lol

@Falcone17east Some people fall for that religous indoctrination crap and some don’t. I was raised in the church but that religous dogma never meant much to me. I think the bible belongs on the same book shelf as books about the Greek and Roman gods.

Hahahahahah, I am in the same position but I go to church with my wife regularly. We have been married 44 years also. I haven't joined the church and I just keep my mouth shut. Call me a hypocrite but we all have varying degrees of hypocrisy. I would rather be out building a freethinker's organization. My wife and her family pray for my salvation.

@Grecio Sounds like we have a common problem. I used to go to church with my wife occasionally but my wife would get upset because I kept going to sleep so I decided it might be better if I didn’t go.


Bit of a difficult one there I wouldn't be prepared to compromise where bringing up any children are involved, I could only accept teaching/indoctrinating my children to think for themselves and certainly would not want them to suffer any kind of religious indoctrination at any time whatsoever.

Really it would be a real problem for me no matter how much I thought of someone, I'm sure there are some that could manage this problem and stay together, I don't think I could.

Regards ippy

iplova Level 3 Nov 28, 2018

My wife believes in a deity and is a liberal, I’m a atheist but lean conservative. We love each other, have a happy home and family despite our political and religious differences. It can be done!!

But, if u have ur choice it's b'cuz u know that's the right path. So, why do u let her go on the wrong way??

@TheAquarius she’s slowly coming around. She’s basically Pascal’s wager right now and it makes her sad thinking there is no afterlife. The last thing I need to do is force my views upon her. She’s been challenging me a little and asking me questions lately making me think she’s not sold completely on a ‘god’ which gives me hope. Plus she doesn’t force any religious beliefs on our children and knows I would not stand for putting them into religious indoctrination.

So who are we to say that a Christian is " going the wrong way"? Why would we have hope that a Christian would turn atheist etc? If a person is "good" what does it matter what they believe?
Why would we try to force our beliefs on people whom we ourselves dislike when they try to push there beliefs on us? I'm just curious not starting crap lol. I'm an agnostic/athiest/ whatever you want to call me. But I believe in every persons right to choose.


It depends on the religion and its intrusiveness into the relationship itself. My late / prior wife was what I'd characterize as a relatively liberal evangelical, and I deconverted later in our marriage ... it presented exactly zero problem to our relationship because it was based on common interests and mutual respect, not on our religious beliefs. Also our life was not consumed by church.

mordant Level 8 Nov 26, 2018

it depends on how religious and what the religion is. my guy has a vague belief in some kind of god, but he hasn't built his life around it. he doesn't even know much about judaism, the religion of the culture into which both of us were born, his family probably being slightly more religious than my very secular one. i know a lot more about it than he does; he's never opened a bible. he goes to shul on the high holy days and when his dead parents' names are read on their yahrzeits (death anniversaries) but on a daily basis, god just doesn't enter into the picture, nor does any other part of the religion except his not wanting to eat pork, which is certainly not a dealbreaker in a romantic relationship. we have a friend who is evangelical. she won't take a job, buy a car or make a move of any kind without consulting with jesus. a person like that and an atheist might find it hard to connect romantically; it's hard enough to connect as friends!


genessa Level 8 Nov 26, 2018

Hum! Ok

Excellent comment and insight ??

@Rational8Human smile001.gif)


My late wife believed more than i did and I'm an ordained minister.... she had last rights, i want last aid... put me down, please...i want to sleep forever when I go.... there is no afterlife, only collective memories that haunt us....


There will be strain. Much worse when the kids show up.

If your partner is fully convinced you are going to Hell and may drag his/her children down with you, that's not part of any sequence of happiness.

MLinoge Level 7 Nov 26, 2018

Yeah!!! That's what i thought. How could a person spend his life with a person which belief is totally different?!! That's the point. If both of 'em are convinced that they are in the right path, it couldn't work anyway.?


They can date and get married. However, it most likely won't last due to way each person looks at the world. The belief systems will always cause friction in the relationship.

freedom41 Level 8 Nov 26, 2018

Read the comment above!


I know couples where one partner is an atheist and the other is a believer. I remember growing up that our neighbours across the street were like that. She went to church and sang in the choir every Sunday and he played golf. They had a and happy marriage that only ended when he passed away (with no funeral service).


Won't work. Unless one us willing to change or pretend to change or sacrifice their opinions, to which I would think is not a relationship worth existing.


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