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Okay, how much do you procrastinate really?

I feel like I do a lot to manage my life and keep in together, and I do a lot that I can tell others struggle to do, but I do spend A LOT of time browsing the internet and reading and writing for no pay, but some times I chalk it up to kind of a civic duty or something else. More and more, I've heard other people say they procrastinate too, even experts and professionals, and I notice that most of the people that I work with have the same behavioral patterns as me. Some times they take time to respond to an e-mail or they fail to do something that I thought for sure they'd be on top of. I'm fine with this because it makes me feel less guilty when I do it, and I chalk it up to everyone just trying to live their own lives and manage what is very chaotic and many times unpredictable lives and workloads, but then in other moments I can't help but think "there is no way people procrastinate as much as I do," because I'm not putting in 8+ hour work days for money like many other people I know, but working this much also might not be a good thing. So what's the deal, fellow procrastinators? If you had to quantify it in some way, or even qualify it, how much time do you spend what you would call "procrastinating"? What is procrastination really and how do you know you're doing too much of it? And if someone is doing it, what are some tips to stop? I can honestly say I think I'm in the 5-10 category at this point. It's been better, it's been worse.

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Honestape 6 Feb 11

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I hope you don't mind I will answer you after the weekend.


I have been off this past week for Mardi Gras (it's a big thing here in Mobile, Alabama), and I had papers to grade for school. I was going to do it on Thursday and Friday when my wife went to work. Didn't happen. Was going to take Saturday and do the grading. Didn't happen. Finally, I was going to do it today. Again, it didn't happen. I'll do it this week during my planning period.


I find it quite easy to do the things i have to do - I suppose because they keep me busy and at my age that is quite a good thing I don't have huge social engagements mainly just chores and keeping going in order not to seize up - Seems to me rowing older gives you time to do the things and have them as a pleasure rather than rushing to get everything sorted at a given time. I have enough time left for myself


I will let you know tomorrow ;'😉


I never, ever miss a deadline, my tax return is submitted the first possible day, I have my submissions finished weeks in advance, though I do hold off sending them until I have re-read them a few times. I spend a lot of time strategising before I begin something, planning is everything for me.


I am the King of procrastination, but then again, I am at my best under pressure. A fast approaching deadline just fuels my creative juices.


Can I answer this later?


Everything, my whole life. Doing homework Monday morning on the bus lol


Well I'd answer but I'm not at all sure about whether or not it'd be the right answer..what I mean is it is the right answer for Now but I could rethink it then it'd be Wrong and I'd have to come baack and change my answer and that's, like a pain in the in the end I'm just gonna have to pass on answering
But that too is a pain cause now this question is on my mind, and knowing me I'll think of the answer at, like, 3 frigginAM..and then I'd have get back on the internet and answer it..yet it..I need to ponder on it for a day or 10..cocktail time!!!


@stinkeye_a wait, what?..explain, never'll just take tooo looong..I know you people..It's always blablah blaaaaah..then some sort of incoherent reason as why you can't answer.


This is really hard to answer, and not just because I'm trying to come up with a good procrastination joke. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, my anxiety increases and I'm more prone to procrastination. The problem, though, is that it's not always pure procrastination. What I mean is that I'm often still working, but my productivity turns to garbage and what would otherwise take me an hour instead takes most of the day. And force of will doesn't seem to help; if anything, trying to focus and increase motivation somehow exacerbates the problem and I accomplish even less.


The Dude abides...and so do I.



It's obvious that those who voted for "Man, Pretty Much My Whole Life Is Procrastination" are lying.


I'm retired; no constraints, no procrastination.


Procrastination is an art form only to be practiced by the true professions like me!


I'll have to get back to you on that...

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